Saturday, December 1, 2007

McCoskey Loves Cleveland

Great stuff this morning from Detroit News Pistons beat reporter Chris McCoskey. The man who says he hates blogs and they are ruination of real reporting has a new target; the city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers. The title of this column is "Cavaliers are a Cheap Imitation." He does have some valid points:

They hired the same pyrotechnics company that The Palace used. They use all the same stupid human tricks and halftime shows. They hired a clone of John Mason to be their public address announcer, and that guy even had the nerve to try and steal some of Mason's trademark riffs.

"Cleve-land basket-ball." "Dee-troit turn-over." Give me a break.

They stole away the Pistons' TV play-by-play guy, Fred McLeod. And by taking him, they also robbed us of a state treasure -- Fred's wife, Beth, who just happens to be one of the most genuinely beautiful people (inside and out) on the planet.

Next, he turns his attention to the Cavalier fans. These next quotes are attributed to last year's playoff games.

But they took it way too far. If you wear a Pistons jersey to an opponent's building during a playoff game, you except to get taunted verbally. You do not expect physical confrontation. But that's what happened. Fans had their Pistons jerseys literally ripped off their backs by Cavaliers fans last year.

I heard that at least four people had that happen to them. The Tigers were playing a series with the Indians at the same time, and I heard people wearing Tigers jerseys also were threatened.

Good stuff for a boring Saturday morning Chris!

Cleveland a Cheap Imitation - Chris McCoskey, Detroit News

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