Sunday, December 2, 2007

Nice Sport!

All of you college football junkies, I have one question for you. How are you feeling this morning? You sport is an absolute joke and is in a state of complete chaos. The BCS system has failed miserably yet again. Here we are the day after the regular season ends and nobody knows who's #1 or #2. This week's #1 Missouri was taken down by Oklahoma for a second time. West Virginia lost to a sad sack 4-7 Pittsburgh team on their home field setting off mass hysteria. Lets look at the players who are left with a case:

Ohio State (1 loss to Illinois at home) - The nightmare scenario for Michigan fans everywhere. In one day, Les Miles tells the world he isn't going to Ann Arbor and Ohio State will most likely vault to the national title game. Sorry Buckeye fans, you don't deserve to be there. Name me a quality win on your resume? Michigan? They showed no heart all year and lost to Appalachian State at home. Wisconsin? another Big Ten fraud. Penn State? Please. They are BCS deserving, but not in the title game. The worst part of all of this is having to listen to the insufferable Buckeye nation living in my city for the next five weeks, only to watch them get exposed in the title game by a faster team.

LSU (2 losses, both in triple OT to Arkansas and at Kentucky) - The team that was #1 more weeks than any in this wacky season. Can't argue with their schedule, which included the SEC gauntlet. They beat Auburn, Florida, Tennessee and ACC Champion Virginia Tech by 41. They won their conference title game while having to deal with the distraction of the entire free world telling them their coach had one foot out the door and starting their backup QB. The Tigers probably deserve a shot.

Oklahoma (2 losses, at Texas Tech without its starting QB, and at Colorado) - To MTAC, this is the best team in the country right now. It could be two flukes that cost the Sooners their shot. One was their loss at Colorado in early October. The other was the concussion of QB Sam Bradford in the first five minutes of the loss at Texas Tech, a game they flat out don't lost if Bradford, the nation's leader in pass efficiency, is healthy. They steamrolled Missouri twice and won the Big 12. Give Bob Stoops five weeks to prepare and he won't lose.

USC (2 losses, at Oregon, Stanford) - While the Trojans may be playing the best football of their season, I cannot put a team into the title game who loss to a pathetic Stanford team at home. Yes, the same Stanford team who lost to Notre Dame. The John David Booty midseason injury didn't help them either. Bet them in the Rose Bowl against whoever they play.

Georgia (2 losses, South Carolina, at Tennessee) - Like USC, maybe the hottest team in the country, but the blowout loss to Tennessee and the fact that they didn't win their conference division will cost them their shot. The South Carolina loss in week two stings them the most. That's why this sport is so weak. A loss in early September ended their season. They are streaking to an at large BCS bid.

Kansas (1 loss, Missouri) - Sorry to my beloved alma mater, but when your best wins are against unranked Texas A&M and Kansas State on the road, you don't have an argument. Hopefully, they find themselves in an at large BCS bowl, preferably the Fiesta so I can go.

MTAC's Verdict: It will be Ohio State and LSU, but the real title game should be Oklahoma and LSU. Ohio State's resume doesn't warrant a title shot.

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