Wednesday, December 19, 2007

T.O. - Tellin' it Like it is and MTAC's Top Babes of 2007

Most of the time, I find Cowboys WR Terrell Owens insufferable. But today, the man has stepped up with one of the great quotes of the year. Appearing in a Dallas Morning News Blog this morning, T.O. claims that Tony Romo's latest girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, is not the most popular person amongst the Cowboys these days. Check this out:

"Right now, Jessica Simpson is not a fan favorite in this locker room or in Texas Stadium," T.O. said. "I think with everything that has happened, and obviously the way Tony played and the comparison between her and Carrie Underwood, I think a lot of people feel like she's probably taking his focus away.

"Other than that, she was at the top of my list until last week."

"I've got a message for her when we make the playoffs," T.O. said. "Just stay tuned."

That got us thinking. Since Jessica Simpson isn't on T.O.'s "list" anymore, we thought we'd take a stab at our current top six babe list for 2007. A few honorable mentions: Ali Larter, Stacy Keibler, Megan Fox, and Cheryl Burke.

#6 Katherine McPhee - Seriously. I know you think I'm nuts, but she is smokin. Just an absolutely beautiful face. Loses points for being engaged at age 24 to some dude in his late 40's. The former American Idol star is loved by many, including Eric The Midget and me.

#5 Minka Kelly - The Friday Night Lights resident Jesus-lover has dropped a few slots because if her skin looking worse and the weak born-again Christian storyline on the show. Wasn't she a lot hotter when she was cheating on her wheel-chair ridden boyfriend Jason Street with bad boy Tim Riggins? Still, she is a natural beauty.

#4 Rachel Bilson - We loved her as Summer on "The OC," the early years at least. But what took her to the next level was her incredible performance in "The Last Kiss." She oozed sexuality in this flick. Like Kelly, another natural beauty with that dark hair, dark skin look. What's not to love about her?

#3 Kristin Cavalieri - We spoke of out love for the for Laguna Beach babe last week. Seriously, LC is weak and a tease. You can have that annoying Heidi Montag. I'll take Kristin all day long. She looks fantasic in anything she puts on and I credit her for dissapearing from the public eye for six months while other Laguna and Hills alumni whore themselves out for publicity. Also gets points for being linked to Matt Leinart when he was at USC and she was a Seinor in High School. She must have something going on for Leinart to be skipping college babes for her.

#2 Julianne Hough - 12 months ago, she wasn't on my radar screen. Now she is just a hair from being at the top of my list. She makes the unwatchable Dancing With the Stars must-see television, well at least the 10 minutes she is on it. Look up pretty in the dictionary, and there is a photo of her. Points for Hough come when Kevin Connoley, E from Entourage, goes on the Howard Stern show and tells millions of people he is completely smitten with her after seeing her twice. Nothing came of it, but Hough's Dancing partner Helio Castroneves ended his engagement towards the end of the show. Gee, I wonder why? Oh, by the way, she's 19.

#1 Lindsay Lohan - You know, I catch a ton of flack for always putting her on the top of my list, but you know what, I don't care. You tell me who has a better total package? Beautiful face, perfect body, loves to party, and is crazy. The more stories about her walking around topless at parties, getting loaded, and hooking up with random guys and girls we hear, the hotter she gets.

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