Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tebow Wins the Heisman..Over it

Seriously, does anyone care about the Heisman Trophy anymore? While it is still the most coveted award in sports, it is by name only. It is hard for me to take an award seriously that Gino Torretta, Jason White, and Eric Crouch won. This year it was Tim Tebow who took home the trophy. He was definitely deserving and an incredible talent. Not to mention he was spotted in this photo. Lets see, Sophomore in college, QB for the Florida Gators, already with a national championship and a Heisman Trophy, Rocket arm and runs like a fullback. You think this guy jas a good life right now? I'd say so. Tebow probably gets more ass than a toilet seat.

He has all that going for him and I am a big fan of his game. But he lost me tonight. He won the award, went up on stage, and said the dreaded words that I can't stand: "First off, I'd like to thanks my lord and savior Jesus Christ." I immediately changed the channel. Is there anything less sincere than that load of crap? There is nothing worse. Anyways, congrats to Tebow who will undoubtedly be the favorite to go back to back next year, and be only the second two time Heisman winner in history. For the record, the MTAC vote went to Darren McFadden.

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