Friday, December 7, 2007

Coast to Tyus Edney against Mizzou

Not much on tap last night in the top 25. The first half of the Bears/Redskins game was the NFL at it's worst. Two bad 5-7 teams who can't score. This is exactly what the NFL Network wanted right? Next week their "big game" is San Francisco at Cincinnati. Serves the league right. Nobody is watching. If you were, you would know Bryant Gumbel is the worst play by play man in NFL history..... The Winter Meetings are finally over, with little to nothing to report on other than the Tigers/Marlins deal and Andruw Jones getting just a two year deal from the Dodgers. Scott Boras gambled and lost on this one. Just asking, do you think its a coincidence that MLB cracked down on performance enhancing drugs and Jones had his worst season of his career by far, hitting just .222? Again, just asking..... Les Miles finally signed his extension to stay at LSU. This could be the fate-sealer for Michigan AD Bill Martin. They have now moved on to Rutgers coach Greg Schiano......The MTAC crew is going to see Artie Lange and the Killers of Comedy tonight in what should be a highly entertaining evening......Lindsay Lohan is MTAC's #1 babe, but she needs to go back to the Red hair.... Only two top 25 games in college hoops. Lets peep em.

#13 Butler 53 Detroit 46 - This is how you know Butler is legit and has arrived; Freshman Center Matt Howard chose the Bulldogs over Indiana. It is paying off. Howard felt Butler was a much better fit for his skill set, and he saved the day last night in Detroit. While the guards were ice cold from deep (3-19), Howard killed the Titans in the post with 20 points, 11 boards (7 offensive), and three boards. Jon Goode led Detroit with 21. Give Perry Watson's club credit; they are always solid defensively, and they forced their style on Butler. This was a three point game at the half and Butler's largest lead of the night was seven, the final deficit.

#21 Villanova 68 LSU 67 - They were down 21 with 8:48 left and things looked bleak, but out of nowhere, Villanova stormed back to stun LSU with a Dante Cunningham tip in with 5.9 seconds left. "I've never, in my life, in 32 years of coaching, had a team do that," LSU coach John Brady said. "I hurt for our players." Wildcat guards Scottie Reynolds and Reggie Redding struggled all night, combining to shoot just 4-21. But during the comeback, it was Freshman Guard Malcolm Grant who came to the rescue. Hit it three triples on his way to 18 points were were huge during the comeback. "Malcolm was incredible," coach Jay Wright said. Good news LSU fans, Les Miles signed his contract extension and isn't going anywhere.

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