Friday, December 7, 2007

Thanks, but No Thanks

Well Michigan, what's your next move? After striking out on Les Miles, Athletic director and current whipping boy Bill Martin set his sights on Greg Schiano, the young, energetic Head Coach of Rutgers. After talking to the school, Schiano decided to stay at Rutgers. "I was contacted earlier this week about the Michigan coaching vacancy, but I have decided to remove my name from consideration," Schiano said in a statement released by the university Friday. "I look forward to our third straight bowl game and to bringing a national championship to Rutgers and the state of New Jersey.

That's right Michigan fans, the Head Coach of RUTGERS turned you down. What does that tell you? Well, a couple of things. 1. Your program obviously doesn't hold the cache it once did. 2. Your AD botched the Les Miles situation so badly, it is holding reprocussions in your search. 3. Could it be that you are cheap and arrogant?

Lets delve into #3. When Urban Meyer was the hot name in coaching, Notre Dame went to him with an offer. Keep in mind, Meyer openly said ND was his dream job. Because they were the mighty Notre Dame, they felt as they could low ball Meyer and he'd still take the job. They did, and he didn't bite. He ended up at Florida winning a National Title in his second year and next year will no doubt be a preseason pick to win it all with USC. How is that Notre Dame program looking today?

Arrogance will get you nowhere and Bill Martin is just that, arrogant. Instead of doing everything he could to get Miles, he was busy on his boat in the Florida Keys doing God-knows-what. Meanwhile, LSU didn't waste anytime, they put a giant extension and salary bump in front of Miles and said "this is all yours." He saw the love LSU was giving him and the lack of urgency Michigan was giving him and he choose to stay where he was. With the reputation the Michigan athletic department has, you think he was getting $3 million a year in Ann Arbor?

Not on your life.

Now we move down the line to the next group of candidates which includes Cincinnati's Brian Kelly and Ball State's Brady Hoke. Hoke has already had preliminary conversations with Martin. I'd say this is pathetic and can't Michigan do better than that, but had anyone ever heard of Jim Tressel before he came to Ohio State?

The bottom line is the arrogance of the Michigan program is such an old bit.

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