Friday, December 28, 2007

Damon Jones = Great Guy

It's time to cut bait with this clown. The self proclaimed "greatest shooter in the world" and prettiest man in the NBA" Damon Jones is at it again. After seeing his playing time significantly reduced, he was quoted in the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel saying a return to Miami would be "icing on the cake." Later that night, he was refusing to get off the bench.

According to the Plain Dealer's Branson Wright reported
both Jones and Ira Newble refused to come into the game with a minute left in the Christmas day win over the Heat. Newble claimed "Regardless on how much time is on the clock, I'm going 100 percent every time I step on the court," Newble said. "Not being loose enough, you could possibly pull something." Jones of course refused to comment. His actions speak louder than words.

There is a reason that for the first 10 years of his career, he was on a one year contract 10 times. Its because you can't keep him happy and his game doesn't match his diva-like behavior. Only Danny Ferry would be dumb enough to have given this guy a FOUR YEAR DEAL. Other than an occasional big three point shot, Jones is worthless. He can't run the point, he couldn't guard my 93 year old grandmother, and unless he plays 30 minutes a night, he is a whiny bitch who loves to hear himself talk.

Enough is enough. Either buy him out or trade him. His act is so tired.

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