Monday, December 31, 2007


Especially for the Milwaukee Bucks in Miami tonight. This afternoon, they mailed one on against the Pistons in Detroit, getting smoked 114-69. The best thing ever: MTAC spies were in the locker room after the game and heard the following. First overall pick a few years ago Andrew Bogut, quoted after the game, essentially admitting the Bucks threw the game so they could get down to Miami tonight and party for New Years:

EDIT: per this morning's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal: After the game, the Bucks flew out of snowy Detroit to Miami, where they were to spend New Year's Eve and will play the Heat on Wednesday. Judging by their performance Monday, the Bucks were focused more on South Beach than they were the Pistons.

"I think the tone was set before the game," said Bucks center Andrew Bogut. "We came in here and, one through 12, just wanted to get out of Detroit. Be happy with a loss to get out of here and just go to Miami. That was the feeling before the game."

True story.

To quote the great Billy Ray Valentine - "Merry New Year."

Hitting a New Low - Tom Enlund, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal

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