Monday, December 31, 2007


The man finally got what he deserved. The most arrogant man in Pro sports not named Barry Bonds has gotten the ax. That's right people, the man I love to hate, Brian Billick has gotten his walking papers from owner Steve Bisciotti. He had been the coach of the Ravens for nine seasons. His act had worn thin with many veterans, including Ray Lewis, and his offenses never showed anything, even though Billick was an "offensive genius." "Sometimes the message can get repetitive after a while," 12-year offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden said. "I'm not saying I agree with it," kicker Matt Stover said of Billick's dismissal, "but sometimes things have to change."

All of the self-serving b.s. that came with the package Billick brought to the table was too much to deal with once the winning stopped. I love it. Steve Bisciotti has jumped to the top of my list of favorite people in sports. Anyone who watched the HBO 2002 season of Hard Knocks with the Baltimore Ravens, sat in on a press conference, or hung around the Ravens camp could tell you, this guy's massive ego makes him unbearable to be around unless the team is winning.

The Preening Schmo, as Tony Kornheiser dubbed him, is out of our hair finally. Its too bad on one level, it makes the Browns/Ravens rivalry less intense for me. I always wanted to beat Billick more than any other coach. Later bro!

Billick Fired After Nine Seasons with Ravens -

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