Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Shannon Brown Showcase

While the Cavaliers continue to sink lower and lower without Lebron (good news, he may be back Tuesday night), coach Mike Brown will try anything to get some offense. He even has dusted off the mothballs from last year's first round pick Shannon Brown. Actually, Brown has responded, scoring in double digits in each of his starts. This is a blatant attempt at showcasing him. since the Cavs didn't pick up his option for next season, a move that is unheard of these days.

Brown has actually shown some signs off life and being pretty active. His main problem is turning the ball over, which he has limited in the last three games. The one thing he can do is dunk, and boy did he have a monster the other night in Charlotte. (Yes, they did lose to a Bobcats team in the midst of a seven game-losing streak of their own). Two things to note about this dunk:

1. Lebron James leaped out of his seat and couldn't believe what he had just seen. It was genuine and you could tell he was jacked for his teammate.

2. Fred McLeod's vintage cheese-dick call of the dunk made me want to vomit. Give me Joe Tait and "wham with a right hand" any day.

A p.s. to this story. Regular season NBA is beyond unwatchable unless Phoenix is playing the Celtics. Talk amongst yourselves.

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