Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Blogging Community at its Finest

We like to peruse many other blogs in the mornings for material. The Big Lead, Deadspin, Kissing Suzy Kolber, Bricks and Stones, and The Dia Tribe are our usual hits. So this morning we came across a typical bad blog story that has no merit at all. As much as I love blogs, stories like this one are why legit blogs like the ones I read each day get a bad name. With that said, I'm gonna post it anyways.

According the Cobra Brigade, Indiana Coach Kelvin Sampson could be on his way out already. Again, I don't buy this for a second, but check some of this out: I have heard that other trouble has been brewing in Hoosier land that deals directly with the Jordan Crawford and Armon Bassett suspensions. Supposedly, these suspensions stem from the Chicago Invitational Challenge that IU took part in from 18-24 November. The reason for these suspensions has been a very vaguely portrayed as a "breaking of team rules". I believe and I think a lot of people have assumed that these suspensions stemmed from some type of drug use. These are college kids.....they were chill'n in Chi-town, with some hometown fools (Ellis and Thomas), this is a very possible reason for these suspensions. And it appears that it could a plausible reason for Sampson's dismissal.

The rumor mill says that Crawford and Bassett are not the only players involved in this supposed scandal, nearly the entire team took part in this illicit drug use and more suspensions will happen. It appears that Sampson may be spreading the suspensions out, you know, so he can actually put a team on the court. The only players that I heard were not involved included DJ White, Eric Gordon and Lance Stemler. We've got our phenom and some senior leadership listed that's good, but I gotta say I think Stem inhaled.

Make sure you check out the comment section below the article. Whoever wrote this even says he can write whatever he wants. Either way, its still worth a read.

Sampson Fired???? - Cobra Brigade

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