Monday, December 3, 2007

Browns Links and More

As I stated earlier, I didn't see any of the game because of the joke that is O'Hare airport. I read all the articles this morning and spoke to the rest of the MTAC team and had them send me their analysis. I had spies in the stadium as well. Here is a smidgen of their breakdowns:

They didn't deserve to win, yet almost did. Two bad DA picks, including a pick six in the direction of Tim Carter (why does this guy ever sniff the field?), a fumbled snap, a fumbled punt, stupid penalties, and another game with zero pass rush, yet it was a referee's discretionary call on the last play of the game that very likely changed the outcome of the game.

Leigh Bodden is so average. He can tell us all he wants that he is an All-pro caliber player, but once again yesterday, Leigh Bodden came up small when his team needed him most. His kicking of the ball after a big third down stop kept a drive going that resulted in a subsequent Cardinals TD. This is the same guy who got arrested at the airport picking up his girlfriend and kid because he was going the wrong way on a one way drop-off. Neither was the sign of a smart man. He also was burnt badly by Bryant Johnson for a TD in the third quarter.

The Cardinals wrote the book on how to defend Josh Cribbs. Did you notice how the best kick returner in the AFC was essentially neutralized all day long by the Arizona special teams? They did their best to kick away from him, allowing only 30 yards on three returns, while squibbing kickoffs. On punts, his muff led to a Arizona TD. Cribbs is so talented, that it makes little sense that he is still a non-factor on offense. It was good to see him used on the two-point play in the fourth quarter as he lined up in the backfield, took a shotgun snap, faked a run, then fired a TD pass to Winslow.

You gotta love K2. While he didn't have the best day catching just three balls for 35 yards, his catch on the last play of the game almost won it for the Browns. he was double covered and was drilled up in the air, yet still came down with the ball. The guy is an absolute stud and deserves a pro bowl selection. He never drops a ball and is playing in so much pain. He rightfully gets the "warrior" tag. Props to Braylon Edwards for his big game as well.

From the department of redundancy department, the Browns still have no pass rush. Kurt Warner had all day to throw. He is a statue in the pocket, yet the blitzes and straight pass rush never got to him and he was in control most of the day. The way to beat him is to get to him, and the Browns poor excuse for a pass rush couldn't sniff him all day.

Nice run D. Edgerrin James looks older and older every game, yet he wore down the Browns D-line to the tune of 114 yards, including 57 in the fourth quarter. Only the goal line stand they came up with saved them from further embarrassment.

What a stadium they have in Arizona. My spies in the crowd tell me University of Phoenix Stadium is the best they've ever seen. The field is immaculate, you are right on top of the field, and the amenities are excellent. Kind of reminds you of the Heinz Field turf the last two weeks right?

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Monday Morning QB - Peter King,

Per King's Column: I was in Cleveland last Monday night, researching a story for SI, waiting for my ride to be brought around at a parking lot next to the House of Blues downtown. Derek Anderson, the Cleveland quarterback, happened to be eating at the same restaurant and was leaving at the same time. He drives off in his SUV, but right away he pulls over at the behest of a fan, who opens his trunk and asks Anderson to sign some autographs. This Anderson is just too nice. My last memory of him that night is motoring past him while he stands there signing a couple of balls for a guy out of the back of his trunk.
I think if Tennessee catches the Browns for the sixth playoff spot, the Clevelanders will look back at the game in Arizona as the one that cost them the postseason. No question about it. I don't buy that it was clearly a bad official's call on the Kellen Winslow out-of-bounds catch on the last play of the game. To me, it was too close to call. I do buy that Derek Anderson gave the Cards too many freebies they didn't deserve.

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