Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Knowing Who You Are

I gotta give it to Bobby Petrino. The guy turned Louisville around and spun that into an NFL coaching job with the Falcons at $3 million a year. That move turned into a disaster with the Mike Vick debacle, followed by watching his players call him out in the press and a nightmarish 2007 season. Petrino was clearly in over his head. He knew it too.

So yesterday, the day after a blowout Monday night loss to the Saints, Petrino phoned in his resignation and took the open job at Arkansas, a quality SEC job. Some may view this as a guy quitting. I think the opposite. Give Petrino credit for knowing what and who he is. He tried the NFL, it didn't work for him. He saw a great job open for the taking, put the feelers out, and nabbed it. Everyone wins except the Falcons ownership. Petrino gets back into the college ranks, a step up in from the Louisville gig he left a year ago. The Falcons players didn't like him, so they are most likely happy. Arkansas gets a top offensive college coach was was a rising star at this point last year.

Meanwhile, Arthur Blank and the Falcons front office has been disgraced by Vick, DeAngelo Hall's antics during the season, and now they have been played by the guy they took a chance on less than a year ago. They already have the worst fans in football. I'm sure this won't help matters.

But props to Petrino for recognizing he was in over his head, that he is a college coach, and for not waiting to get fired before landing right back on his feet where he belongs.

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