Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Softer Side of Sherron

Kansas Sophomore Point guard Sherron Collins would start on 99% of teams in the rest of the country. But because of upper-classmen studs Mario Chalmers and Russell Robinson, Collins is the sixth man for the Jayhawks. He may be the best sixth man in the country. But like the Spurs Manu Ginobili, it doesn't matter if he isn't starting, but he is finishing.

Tuesday Night's win at Georgia Tech showed that Collins is the guy most likely to want the ball in the end of the game on a team full of stars. That night, Robinson lscored 17 and became the seventh Jayhawk to lead the team in scoring this year. Pretty amazing stat I'd say. But it was Collins who iced the game. While Robinson and Chalmers missed key free throws in the last minute allowing the Yellow Jackets to creep back into the game, Collins hit both in a one point game with nine seconds to go with a deafening crowd screaming at him. Following the freebees, he stepped in front of an arrant pass for a steal and lay-in to close the game. Final Score: KU 71 Georgia Tech 66.

Bill Trocchi on wrote a great piece on Collins' journey to Lawrence and how he handles being away from his girlfriend and eight-month old son. It is an interesting read. The two lost a son, Sherron jr, 10 days after he was born in June of 2006, which according to his mother "tore him up." Growing up on the tough West side of Chicago neighborhood and ending up in Kansas hasn't been the culture shock he anticipated, but because of his skills, he managed to stay away from the gang violence so many of his friends and peers were involved in. Sherron's mother told Trocchi "The guys in gangs made sure Sherron and his older brother didn't get into gangs because they had this gift." It seems like Collins has a pretty good head on his shoulders.

Check out the rest of the piece:
Cool Under Pressure - Bill Trocchi,

After Saturday's blowout win over Ohio, The Kansas City Star's Jason Whitlock sung the praises of Collins and called him the key to the Naitonal Title in his column titled "When Collins Gets Healthy, Kansas Will be Unbeatable." Doesn't the title say it all? Here was my favorite quote: No offense to Chalmers, Robinson, Brandon Rush or Darrell Arthur, but Collins is the player who can turn a top-10 Kansas squad into the best in the country. Collins is the most talented, explosive, complete NBA-ready player on the KU roster.

When Collins Healthy, Kansas Will be Unbeatable - Jason Whitlock, Kansas City Star

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