Friday, December 28, 2007

Coast to Tyus Edney against Mizzou

We will get to the college game tomorrow when their are more matchups. The slate has been extremely limited. So pop culture starts us off. Wow, celebs and their mug shots. Is there anything better? Look at the O.C.'s Mischa Barton in this picture. She looks like a lion. I guess this is what happens after you get arrested for DUI at 2:46 am. We were always more of a Summer fan more than a Marissa fan and that hasn't changed. How's Mischa's career acting career these days besides non-existent?

In the other story that I can't get enough of, Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy may not be what we think. Everyone said the father was her longtime boyfriend Casey Aldridge (no relation to David). According to that reputable beacon of journalism, The Star Magazine,
Aldridge is not the father, and the Spears Family has paid him off to keep quiet. A source told the Star: "Casey is being paid off to be the family's fall guy while the real father remains unidentified. "The man many suspect is the father, however, would face rape charges and probably prison time if he were to come forward and admit he had sex with Jamie Lynn." It just keeps getting better and better.

Meanwhile, the
assassination of Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto is a sad, horrible display of violence. If current President Pervaz Musharraf is indeed behind this, who knows what we could be in for.

Back to sports, bitter two time losers West Virginia is
suing former coach and new Michigan man Rich Rodriguez for $4 million to recover his buyout from his WVU contract. Let it go, Mountaineers. He's gone and he ain't coming back. Plus, your job is second tier to Michigan. Who can blame him for leaving?

I know this story is a day old, but Jason Williams calling his fellow NBA players
"high-paid prostitutes" may be the line of the year.

Within that same article, Cavs Guard Damon Jones said he would love to be traded back to the place where he made his four year deal, Miami: With one year left on his deal, at $4.5 million for next season, Jones said he would embrace a South Florida reunion."That would be the icing on the cake for me," said Jones, who did not get off the bench Tuesday, "especially with the group of guys that they have now, still, some of the key guys that were there when I spent the best year of my career. It would be special."I'm very comfortable with the system. I don't know if I could really say what I want to say, but I would definitely enjoy being back in that system and trying to get back that success we had some years ago."

Saw Charlie Wilson's War on Christmas Day. We'd give it a solid B. Seriously though, there may be no better actor today than Phillip Seymour Hoffman. The guy made the movie. He was brilliant yet again. I rank my top three actors right now:

1. Leonardo Dicaprio
2. Phillip Seymour Hoffman
3. Edward Norton

These guys never put out bad movies. I'm no fan of Spike Lee movies, but if you get the chance, rent
25th Hour with Norton and Hoffman. It is brilliant and one of the most underrated flicks of all time. Sure, it's got some of the usual Spike Lee bullshit, but overall, it's a great movie.

My son got his first haircut two days ago. Life is good.

The thing I'm looking forward to the most during this week of bowl game action is watching the Pac 10 outside of USC get exposed. It started tonight. Texas, the fourth best team in the Big 12, literally took apart Arizona State. Only the
stupidity of Mack Brown's stepson Chris kept ASU from another turnover and another texas touchdown. Make sure you watch that youtube video. Things got so bad, the Texas bench chanted "RUUUU-DAYYYY. RUUU-DAYYYY" over and over again on the sidelines as they chased him all night long.

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Dils said...

Wait. Are you saying that West Virginia should NOT try to collect the $4 million Rodriguez agreed to pay if he did not live up to the terms of the contract he signed? Really? You can't be saying that, I will assume I misunderstood...