Thursday, December 27, 2007

Studio Analysis from the MTAC Crew

Here's one for you: Yesterday we were at Scottsdale's Fashion Square Mall (don't ask). In the Nordstrom Men's department working is none other than Fred Goldman. As in Ron Goldman's father. He of the handle-bar mustache who you've seen on TV a million times. He has been working there for years and I see him every time I am out here. Nice guy. But you see him there and you just want to go up and say something like "That Motherf'er is walking the streets and playing golf, he owes you like $30 million and you are still working here? That sucks. Anyways, Random Musings from MTAC correspondents in a PTI style format. The topics: The Cavaliers and the Browns going forward.

STAT GURU: I think that Terry Pluto is wrong about
criticizing the move to bring Gibson off the bench. The Cavs need his scoring then and I think that they are much better defensively with Hughes at the 1 (I did not say PG because he isn't one, but he can dribble up the court) even though Hughes' play is slightly more disgraceful than Pavlovic's. We also have a lot more size with that lineup, and it was a lineup that got us to the NBA Finals. Bottom line is that IF the Cavs play hard, they can win 45-48 games. Despite that comment, they really need to make a move. They need to get Andre Miller or trade Hughes and then get Boykins to plug in after Gibson would become the starter again.

RESIDENT PIMP: If Cavs win 45 games...what seed would that be in playoffs, potentially? This team is looking like a first round wash out to me. They need a lot of help. Sasha is a joke and Hughes is not much better...I guess the Celtics show that you can turn things around in 1 year...hopefully LBJ understands that and is not counting the days until he can leave...I want Jason Kidd!!

MTAC: Bottom line, this team is devoid of talent and loaded with terrible, immovable contracts. With the steely veteran play of the Pistons and the sheer talent and savvy of the Celtics and the PGA Tour, does anyone think the Cavs have a chance with this current roster? Whether Boobie Gibson starts is immaterial. Sasha Pavlovic's game is about as fresh as a Kiss concert. They are going nowhere fast unless a major move is made. Whether that is for Andre Miller (realistic) or Jason Kidd (not realistic), something has to be done fast because this ship is sinking.

STAT GURU: Sunday's Browns game against SF will say a lot about the coaching and character of the Browns. While virtually meaningless from a W-L perspective unless Tennessee ties, it could be a tuneup for our playoff game if Tennessee does in fact lose (which they won't). We are also playing a crappy team that has nothing to play for and is traveling east. Nothing short of a convincing win will be very disappointing.

DA really needs to have a strong game to get an endorsement from me going into next year. While he definitely has some positive attributes and has had some good games, we only beat one team with a winning record this year (Seattle in OT) and he made costly mistakes or played poorly in each of our losses this year, excluding the first Pittsburgh game. Yet, he is only 24 years old. It's just that he is playing like he has throughout his college and pro career - flashes of "brilliance", marred by inconsistency, which is not an ingredient for NFL success. PIMP has convinced (sort of) that having two QBs is better than having one, but QB controversies are never a good thing.

RESIDENT PIMP: As for QB's...I only think 2 QBs are the right thing for the Browns in 2008 only. By the end of 08 they need to settle on the guy that is going to be their future. At this point, I don't know who that is, but it does seem that they are in pretty good shape at that position. Give me a defense that consistently stops the run and puts pressure on the QB, and I can win with either is a list of QB's that I'd rather have than


Romo (isn't he just DA in a glamour market)

I would put on par with DA at this point in time... So, i guess the question is if DA is the 8-10th best QB in the league, is that good enough to win a championship? Also, would Quinn be among the elite QBs in the league if given a chance? Hopefully we will know for sure one way or another by the end of 08.

MTAC: I concur about this game not being so meaningless. You want to finish strong and stay in sync for the playoffs, especially offensively. The Guru is also right about this game being important for DA. He wants to finish strong and leave a good taste in the organization's mouth. But in the meantime, as Terry Pluto said today
it is imperative to get Anderson back on the field Sunday to erase the memory of the Bengals game. One bad game should not spoil what was an improbable and pro-bowl alternate season.

To the Pimp's point, there is no reason Anderson cannot be Mark Bulger. There is such a shortage of decent QB's in this league that the Browns have a luxury at this point. How would you like to be KC right now? Brody Croyle and Damon Huard? What about the Falcons? Joey Harrington, Byron Leftwich, and Chris Redman? The Dolphins? Cleo Lemon and John Beck? The Ravens have a washed up Steve McNair, scrub dog Kyle Boller and Troy Smith. I could go on and on.

It's a no-brainer. Tender DA and give him one more year to see if he is the real deal. Then you make your decision. If a team wants to give the Browns a first and a third round pick for him, then so long DA. But every team needs two QB's these days and at least half the league has none. Oh, p.s. Roethilisberger is going to be a thorn in our side for years if he can stay upright. He is the most underrated QB in the NFL.

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