Friday, December 14, 2007

Michigan Coaching Search Gets into Real Names, DJ Defends Himself, Paterno Won't Even Think Retirement, and Our Guy Scot Pollard at it Again

Good to see AD Bill Martin is finally reaching out to real candidates. The latest today involves West Virginia's head coach Rich Rodriguez. The two reportedly met today in Toledo to discuss the position. Rodriguez is a star, an offensive genius who got the Mountaineers to three straight BCS games, a feat in itself. He (smartly) turned down the Alabama job last year and has put himself into a position for a top tier job, like Michigan. We well see what happens here.

U-M talks with West Virginia's Rodriguez - Angelique Chengelis, The Detroit News

If you can, make sure you get on ESPN Radio insider and listen to David Justice being interviewed on the Colin Cowherd show this morning. He defiantly rejects the notion that he was a HGH user and said he had one conversation one time with Brian McNamee when he first arrived with the Yankees in 2000 and was hurt. He said McNamee approached him in the training room and told him about HGH and how it would help him recover quicker and it wasn't steroids. When Justice was told it involves needles, he said thanks, but no thanks. He claims he hates needles and always has. In a moment of candor, he did say that if it was in a pill form, he would have taken it.

The anger in DJ's voice was real. He is angered and he should be. His point is that because his name was listed for having one conversation about HGH with a guy who is "a liar trying to save himself from jail," his whole career is now under a cloud of suspicion. Listen to the interview and you tell me you don't believe him.

ESPN Radio Insider (password needed)

The we come to old man Joe Paterno. 80 years old and still kicking. With the news that fellow geriatric Florida State coach Bobby Bowden has created a succession plan for his replacement when he retires, Jimbo Fisher, one would think Paterno would have something similar set up. Nope. Not old man JoPa. Next year is the last year of his current four year deal, but he won't think about retirement one bit according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

"When I start to get the feel, I'll sit down with the people and say, 'Hey, I think maybe we ought to start talking about, you know, my getting out of here and a successor.' But right now, that hasn't even come up," he said, according to the Post-Gazette.

"I haven't even thought of it," Paterno said, according to the report. "I suppose it's up to them how they want to handle it. It's probably up to them whether they'll let me coach 2, 3, 4 or 5 more years, I don't know.

"Hopefully, I'm not going to be a crotchety old man and not handle ... when it's time to go, go. I just feel so good right now, I'd hate to put a timetable on when I'm going to get out of here,' Paterno said, according to the report

Come on man. Who are you fooling? Can you hang it up already or figure out a plan to do so? if you care so much about the University as you claim to, wouldn't you put it's best interest in front of your own? If I'm an opposing coach recruiting a high school kid against Penn State, wouldn't you immediately go to the "how long can that old man keep going" card? Of course you would.

Paterno, 80, Hasn't Given Much Thought to Successor - Ron Musselman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Finally this afternoon, one of our all time fave's Scot Pollard, the man who painted his fingernails and asked his girlfriend to marry him in front of 16,000 fans at KU's midnight madness, added another of the great stories to his legend. According to the Boston Globe: Pollard said he injured his back while getting out of his car Tuesday at a Starbucks. He said he thought his back was better after he did a lot of walking that day, but he tweaked it when he put socks on yesterday. Pollard had missed the last four games because of a coach's decision.

That's right folks, only Scot would injure himself getting out of his car for a cup of coffee, then re-injure it putting his socks on. Love that guy. We miss him in Cleveland after his one year, uneventful stay where Mike Brown didn't utilize him nearly enough.

Celtics Notebook - Boston Globe

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