Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lebron = Win

How easy was that? Lebron is active, the Cavs instantly become a new team! Like we couldn't see this one coming a mile away. Everyone on the team seemingly transforms into a different player when #23 is on the floor. Its pretty amazing. Anyone who thinks Lebron isn't the MVP hasn't been watching the last six games.

Take last night, Lebron returned and came off the bench the first time in his career. Larry Hughes also came off the bench for the second time in a row. You also had the return of Anderson Varejao to the lineup. All of this combined for an easy 118-105 win over Indiana at the Q. The starting backcourt was Shannon Brown and Eric Snow and they still won. Boobie Gibson missed the game with an impacted wisdom tooth. Hughes had maybe his best game as a Cav, going nuts for 36 points on 13-17 shooting, including five threes. That's right - Larry Hughes hit five three pointers. Lebron didn't look too rusty, but he only played 23 minutes, scoring 17. Varejao looked like he hadn't missed a beat, playing 24 minutes, grabbing nine rebounds and scoring six points.

Lebron wasn't needed in the fourth quarter as the Cavs headed in leading by 24. While the defense wasn't stellar, 118 points is all good. I'm sure Mike Brown wasn't thrilled, but it was a badly needed win. Maybe now that Lebron is back, I will start to pay attention to the NBA again. Then again, maybe I won't.

Cavs Back in Business with Win - Brian Windhorst, Akron Beacon-Journal

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