Friday, December 28, 2007

Wait Until Mushnick Hears This One

Could you imagine being a Mariners fan in Seattle and tuning in to a TV game during the season and seeing Ken "Hawk" Harrelson? What about Chick Hearn back in the day filling in on a Dallas Mavs telecast? Well it looks like something like this will take place tonight in Detroit as Knicks play-by-play man and blogosphere legend Gus Johnson will pinch hit for George Blaha on Pistons TV.

Detroit is hosting Indiana and the Knicks are off, so Gus, a detroit native, is free to do the game. Has something like this ever happened? How much does Johnson really know about the Pistons? Seeing as he has spent the last few years calling Knicks games on the radio and on tv. The Pistons say this is a great opportunity for them to go out and get Gus for a night but did they get clearance from the Knicks on this?

So is Gus just supposed to go crazy like the Pistons are his team? We all know he screams and goes overboard anyway, this is just strange. If Blaha filled in on Knicks TV, I'd think that the Phil Mushnick's and the Neil Best's of the world would be asking who the hell he is?

Johnson Subs for Blaha, Who is Busy with MSU - Joanne Gerstner, Detroit News

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