Friday, December 21, 2007

The Lawrence Journal World - The Beacon of Great Journalism

Some how this slipped past the MTAC goalie, but one of our go to papers, the Lawrence Journal World had a report on Wednesday that National Coach of the Year Mark Mangino was in negotiations to bolt Lawrence for West Virginia. As it turns out, reporter Ryan Wood got played. Thanks to the good folks at Deadspin, the hoax was uncovered. Later in the evening, the LJW printed a retraction, telling readers they've been had.

Here's how it went down per our go to site for all KU rumors and speculation, the chat board at

Apparently, Wood gets a call around dinner from somebody that there are rumors surrounding Mangino to West Virginia and he is given the number to Neil Cornrich who is indeed Mark Mangino's agent.

Ryan calls that number and gets a very professional voicemail saying that this is the office of Neil Cornrich. Wood leaves a message.

Moments later a man calls wood claiming to be Cornrich and says he is releasing the news of Mangino and his contract negotiations with West Virginia .

Ryan posts the quotes and the story and waits call backs from the Sports Information Dept and other sources.

Eventually they call and tell Ryan he has been tricked. Wood changes he story on the website.

Memo to Ryan Wood. In real Journalism (not like what we do), you get something from a source and you attempt to re-confirm it somewhere else before you go to print with it. Especially with something this big. Poor Ryan has egg all over his face. Nevertheless, I'm glad its not true and I find it very humorous that he got played so badly.

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