Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Coast to Coast...like Tyus Edney against Mizzou

Lets talk fantasy football real quick. Like many of you, my studs failed to show in my playoff game. Joseph Addai, Randy Moss, Carson Palmer, TJ Houshmandzadeh. None of them stepped up. Of course, the guy I played was wracked with injuries, yet the great Aaron Stecker decided to torch me. What about his backup TE Donald Lee being forced into action because of injury? He scored. He c-blocks me with Chris Henry as a one week starter. Who does Palmer throw his only TD to? Henry. It was murphy's law time. Yet because Tony Romo layed an egg, I was still alive, trailing by 16 with the Vikings Defense and Ryan Longwell left. Did I really have my hopes pinned on a Tavaris Jackson-led offense and a no-name defense? This game is beyond unwatchable. If it weren't for fantasy football and gambling, would anyone be watching this garbage? The Vikings are a potential playoff team? Nice league.

Does anyone else love this Jessica Simpson is a jinx story line? Romo should ban her from any future game. Our friends at Kissing Suzy Kolber are wishing a cruel disorder on Miss Straight-to-DVD. Crazy Alicia Lane is at it again. The woman who was busted sending bikini shots to Rich Eisen has now been arrested for punching a female cop. She must be something else in the sack. Divorced twice and now dating former frequent Howard Stern guest and FM DJ Booker. Is it possible that Uber-Cheesy Mike Greenberg is over-exposed? The answer is yes. A-Rod says he and agent Scott Boras aren't speaking. Anyone else not buying this? Finally, Syracuse lost the loquacious starting SG Eric Devendorf for the year with a torn ACL. Looks like Booger Boeheim's short rotation just got shorter.

#7 Duke 111 Albany 70 - Is anyone outside of Durham really a Duke fan? Most likely not, but I have to tell you, this is a legit Duke team. They have a ton of interchangeable parts on the wing. Take this game for example. Demarcus Nelson scores 23. Taylor King scores hits for 17 off the bench, one less than sixth man Jon Scheyer's 18. The Devils nailed 15-26 from downtown. If they can get anything in the post, look out.

#13 Marquette 80 IPFW 56 - Why is it that IPFW is getting all of these marquee games? Good for them and their program for locking up these big money pay days. They may continue to get pounded, but at least they get paid. Got paid to watch Dominic James drop 17 on your ass that is. Give IPFW the nod, their nickname is the Mastadons. Solid.

#20 Gonzaga 77 Northern Colorado 57 - The great Micah Downs thinks he wants to be a player! How about Micah taking 15 shots in a game? He never saw a shot he didn't like, only in this game, it actually paid off for his team. He scored a season-high 17 including five three pointers. Freshman Austin Daye is a player. He led all scorers with 18. Man, are these December games loaded with weak matchups.

#22 Miami 89 Stetson 53 - Again, like the other two ranked teams above, what is Miami doing playing 2-7 Stetson? No wonder the 'Canes are 9-0 and ranked for the first time in ages. What do we really know about Miami? Their best win was last week at Mississippi State. Their Point Guard Jack McClinton is all-Big East Caliber. Frank Haith toils in relative anonimity in Coral Gables. Hey, we are college hoops #1 fan and we had no clue they were 9-0 or that they even existed until we looked at the scoreboard.

Look for MTAC on ESPN tonight at 7 EST as the #3 Kansas Jayhawks meet the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. It's the first of our on campus reports for the season. I'm anxious to see what the Georgia Tech hoops experience is all about. I hear the building is the weak beav.

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