Friday, December 28, 2007

Romeo to Miami Rumors Won't Go Away

Here's one I don't get. Browns coach Romeo Crennel was a lame duck in waiting before hiring Rob Chudzinski to run the offense stumbling into Derek Anderson. Yet, all of a sudden he is a hot commodity to Bill Parcells in Miami? I know they worked together in New York, but this just seems strange to me. While Romeo is well liked by his players and by the media, I just cannot fathom him being poached away by another club. 12 months ago he looked like a buffoon who was in over his head. Now this?


As Bill Parcells officially takes the reins as the chief cook and butt kicker in Miami, rumors persist that he wants Browns coach Romeo Crennel to replace Cam Cameron."Believe the talk that Bill Parcells is interested in bringing in Cleveland coach Romeo Crennel to coach the Dolphins," writes Bill Williamson of the Denver Post.Crennel tried to dismiss the rumors on Wednesday, but never said unequivocally that he won't be the coach of the Dolphins in 2008.The Browns will make the playoffs if the Titans lose to the Colts on Sunday; if the Titans win, the Browns are out. And once the Browns are done, look for the talk of Crennel leaving Cleveland to intensify. As to G.M. Randy Mueller, we recently heard that Parcells might find a way to throw him a bone. Even if Mueller is out, we don't expect Mueller to leave until May 2008. If Mueller goes in the short term, he carries with him all of the work that he has done in preparation for free agency and the draft.

The Good and the Bad of 2007 - Bill Williamson, Denver Post

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