Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Michigan AD Bill Martin Should be Fired

Kudos to Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press from penning this brilliant piece of journalism. As Rosenberg's research shows, Michigan Athletic Director Bill Martin, aka the man who loved Tommy Amaker, was nowhere to be found when he had LSU coach Les Miles within his sights. Miles was awaiting assurances that he was indeed the man for the job, but Martin coudln't be reached.

Check out some snippets from the article:

Miles was widely believed to prefer the Michigan job. He had sent signals through back channels for weeks, and he knew the terms of a pending five-year Michigan offer.

Multiple people at U-M have told the Free Press that Martin was nowhere to be found. Several people tried to reach him, in pretty much every way. They all struck out.

One person familiar with what happened said Martin was in Florida. A database search found an address for a William C. and Sally Martin in Key Largo, Fla., by the Ocean Reef Club. Another database search showed two other addresses for that William Martin: the U-M athletic director's home in Ann Arbor, and his business, the First Martin Corporation.

Martin is an avid sailor and pilot. This past weekend, the Ocean Reef Club hosted Vintage Weekend, which Forbes magazine has described as "a showcase of the finest automobiles, motor yachts and aircraft."

How, on the most important weekend of the year, could the Michigan athletic director simply drop out of contact with everybody?

If all of what is in this article is true, then Martin should be ashamed of himself and should be fired for not doing his job. The Head Football Coach at the University of Michigan is the most scrutinzed and most important job at the school (sorry, its the truth), and for Martin to not be all over this when the job was vacant and your #1 choice was at stake is egregious and a fireable offense in my opinion.

If I were a Michigan fan, I'd be livid. Especially because you now have to watch Miles coach agains Ohio State in the national title game while you go to the Capital One bowl where you will get rolled over by Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators.

When Miles Need Assurance, Where was UM's AD? - Michael Rosenberg, Detroit Free Press

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