Monday, December 17, 2007

Rodriguez in...Mitch Man Tells It Like it is

We here at MTAC are hardly fans of the ego-maniacal Mitch Albom. But today he wrote an excellent article in the Detroit Free press about Michigan hiring West Virginia's Rich Rodriguez as the new head Football coach. While everyone in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area is stroking this hire (and it is a good one in our opinion), Mitch takes Michigan to task for being hypocritical in the search for its new head coach. Here is an excerpt that we loved:

He left his players -- and alma mater -- for greener pastures. More money. A bigger program. And U-M dangled those greener pastures in front of him. A plane was arranged. A quick interview held. A job was offered. He accepted.

Some around here might remember when the same thing happened, in reverse, with a Michigan basketball coach named Bill Frieder. He took a fast flight and a faster job offer from Arizona State, then came back and wanted to coach the postseason before leaving.

He was tossed out, indignantly, by Bo Schembechler, who famously declared: "A Michigan man will coach Michigan."

A West Virginia man will coach Michigan now.

Make sure you give it a read. We will do more of a breakdown of this hire tomorrow when we can gather more links after today's press conference. But as we said earlier, we think this is a good hire and a job saver for AD Bill Martin.

U-M Got the New Guy, In the New Fashion - Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press

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