Monday, December 10, 2007

Gate D Blowing Up

Since the Browns played the Jets yesterday, this seemed like a timely story. A few weeks back, a tradition began at Jet games at halftime. It seems as though Gate D has turned into a mini-mardi gras. Women would walk by get the "J-E-T-S" chant yelled at them by the liquored up fans who congregated there. Except you replace the J with a T and the E with an I. The TS at the end stays the same. Well the good news for the crowd was that many women began to oblige.

Gate D at halftime has become the place to be, but the harassment of course reached a new low. Any women who walked by who didn't take their top off was subject to having beer spilled on them or being called every name under the sun. Classic drunken buffoon New Yorkers. The good news for all of you class acts in Gate D, you have made it big! The New York Times picked up this story and wrote a solid piece on it today.

In the article, it talks about how more security was added this week, but it was no help. The secret is out and every red-blooded male with a pulse is flocking to Gate D: By the time halftime was under way, the security staff, which had grown noticeably, was vastly outnumbered. Then the vulgarity began as fans, 12 deep in some spots, urged women to show their breasts. Some tossed plastic beer bottles or cigarettes into the center of the spiral, which was blocked off by a chain-link fence. A few children witnessed the unruly behavior, which, according to several fans and stadium workers, has been a ritual at Jets games for years.

Classic huh? Here's more: It did not appear that any women exposed their breasts. But at one point, the men began chanting at Erin McDermott, a 22-year-old student at Ohio State. McDermott said she lifted her shirt just above her belly button. The crowd, which included a few fans in masks and one in a Santa Claus suit, booed when it became apparent she would not go further. "If I was a dude, I’d boo me, too,” McDermott said.

More Fans, More Security, More Abuse - David Picker. New York Times

Props to The Big Lead for unearthing this story.

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