Friday, November 2, 2007

Poor Andy Reid...His Team Sucks, and Now This

I know this is a blog dedicated to my teams, but when stories like this pop-up, the must be talked about. You have got to feel sorry for Eagles coach Andy Reid. Back in January, his sons Garrett and Britt were arrested on weapons and drug possession. Today, they were both sentenced to 23 months in jail by judge Steven O'Neill. Judge O'Neill said "this is a family in crisis." The story continued to get worse as the details came out. How can Andy Reid possibly coach his team with all of this on his mind? No wonder the Eagles are 3-4. Check out some of these details from the MSNBC article:

-On Thursday, the judge sentenced Garrett Reid, a drug addict and dealer who said he got a thrill out of selling drugs in “the ’hood,” to up to 23 months in jail for smashing into another motorist’s car while high on heroin.

-Police found a shotgun and hollow-point bullets along with cocaine, marijuana and OxyContin, a painkiller, in the vehicle Britt Reid was driving during a Jan. 30 road-rage encounter, and later found a handgun at the house that they believe he had brandished at the other driver. They found vials of heroin and steroids, more than 200 pills and a drug scale in Garrett Reid’s car the same day, when he injured another motorist.

-Garrett's addiction persists, according to authorities, who found 89 prescription drug pills in Reid’s jail cell Thursday morning. They believe he smuggled them in his rectum when he was jailed earlier this week.

-Reid’s descent in drug use and dealing was steep, according to a probation report read in court. Reid said he didn’t use drugs until he graduated from high school, then started with marijuana and alcohol at age 18. That was followed by prescription pain killers Percocet and OxyContin, and then cocaine and heroin. By 20, he was in drug rehab.

-“I liked being the rich kid in that area and having my own high status life,” Reid told a probation officer in a statement read by the judge. “I could go anywhere in the ’hood. They all knew who I was. I enjoyed it. I liked being a drug dealer. I did get a thrill out of it,” he said. “That was also part of the whole new world that opened up to me when I smoked that first joint.”
This is just a sad, sad story. You have to think the life of an NFL coach doesn't constitute the ability to be an available father who is involved in his children's lives. Regardless, much luck to Andy Reid and his wife Tammy.

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