Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's All Good

What a wacky game today was in Baltimore. The circumstances were beyond bizarre. It was a long, drawn out game, thanks to penalties, reviews, and a call you have never seen before; whether or not a kick hit the support or the crossbar on the final play of regulation. Tomorrow I will break it down with a full morning analysis, but after watching that game, I was happy and appalled all at once.

Happy because the Browns won the game, but appalled that this was a game that had no business losing, yet did everything to could to lose it.

Happy that Phil Dawson drilled two monster kicks to tie and win the game, but appalled that the two officials originally ruled Dawson's 51 yard FG was originally ruled no good when I clearly saw it clear the uprights and hit the center support before coming back through.

Happy that Derek Anderson led a great drive with 28 seconds left to get Dawson in position to tie the game, but appalled that the Browns pathetic defense turned Kyle Boller into John Elway and allowed the Ravens to get the lead late in the game.

Happy that Jamal Lewis got a W against a team that discarded him in the offseason, but appalled by the way the rest of the offense played in the second half.

Happy that Joshua Cribbs plays on my team.

Happy that the arrogant prick, whining cry-baby Brian Billick doesn't coach my team, but appalled at how in over his head Browns coach Romeo Crennel is. I don't care what the record is. The defense is an absolute joke, the worst in the NFL, and he is a defense coach!

Happy that the Browns were able to muster a running game against the best run defense in the NFL, but appalled at the number of false start and holding penalties committed by the offensive line.

As my mom said during the fourth quarter of the game, "whoever gets the football last will win the game." She nailed it. And so did Phil Dawson.

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