Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bring On Pittsburgh!

Are the Browns really 5-3? Another in what has become a weekly offensive explosion gave the Browns a 33-30 Overtime win down at the Lakefront. Derek Anderson threw for 364 yards, Jamal Lewis rushed for four TD's and Kellen Winslow played like the warrior he once described himself as. Almost inexplicably, the Browns sit a half game out of first place (depending on the Steelers/Ravens game tomorrow night) heading to Pittsburgh next week in what should be a war.

After the Week 1 debacle, who would have thunk it? How could this be possible?

The NFL is a copy cat league that goes in cycles. It has once again become an offensive driven league and the Browns decided to join the party this year. Outscoring their opponents is the way they have to do it. Their defense is as bad as I can remember seeing. I watched Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck fade back, tie his shoes, check his watch to see what time it was, break out a cell phone and call his mother, and still have time to throw the ball all over the field. You've never seen a pass rush this putrid. To make matters worse, CB's Leigh Bodden and Eric Wright cannot be trusted to guard WR's one on one because they are way to susceptible to getting burnt, so blitzes have to be held to a minimum. Hasselbeck finished with 318 yards passing. Bobby Engram torched the Browns secondary with 14 catches for 139 yards.

But it just doesn't matter, because again, the Browns won on the wings of their high-flying offense. I say this every single week, but how did Romeo Crennel go with Charlie Frye in week one over D.A.? Anderson may head to the Pro Bowl as the third QB behind Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. The guy looks fantastic. I cannot wait to see what he does in Pittsburgh next week with first place on the line.

One last piece of information: While Kellen Winslow looked so banged up all day, playing with one arm and catching everything thrown his way, Braylon Edwards had one of those days. He dropped not one, but two huge catches right in his hands that could have been very costly. His propensity to drop the easy ones is getting to be an old bit. Today though, he let everything get into his body and wasn't catching the ball with his hands. This must cease next week if the Browns have any hope of upsetting the Steelers.

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