Wednesday, November 28, 2007

College Football...I Just Don't Get It

As I watched my beloved Jayhawks gag away another big stage contest, something was different this time. The air outside was cold and the turkey coma had just worn off. Not only was this late November and not late March (the time of year we've all grown accustomed to feeling sick with defeat) but I really didn't care. Perhaps I am just the product of attending a basketball school. We have been programmed to ignore college football season for so long because we just weren't relevant. In fact, in the 13 years that I have been associated with The University of Kansas, this was the first time I've ever gathered at a bar, with friends to watch a Kansas football game. I think I attended a total of 2 football games in my 4 years in school and one of those was parents weekend. Isn't that what you have to do during parents weekend???

I really don't think that was it though. My issues have to do with the sport itself. I have trouble rooting for and watching a sport that rewards such mediocrity. The crescendo of College Football is obviously the National Championship game. However, throughout the holiday season schools and fans will cheer on their teams in meaningless bowl games. Yes I said meaningless. I just don't get it. So your team won the bowl. Big deal. What does that mean? Congratulations, you had a 6-5 record and were lucky enough to have some committee select you to play in a game because they think you will draw a big crowd. To be bowl eligible a team needs at least 6 wins. Wow 6-5, one game over .500 and your season should be deemed a success? In the NFL it is every teams goal to reach and win the Super Bowl. In Major League Baseball a team plays to win the World Series. College basketball has the tournament and the NBA has The Finals. I understand that college football has a national championship game and a champion is eventually crowned, although having a computer determine the game is an issue for another article. But please curb your enthusiasm because your team has made it to the Motor City Mediocrity Bowl.

Posted by: PPierce, aka Mr. Negative

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