Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nebraska Football - Putting the "I" in Incompetant

Last year in BASKETBALL, Kansas beat down Nebraska in Lincoln 76-56. Today, these two schools met in Football and KU put up 76-39. That's right, Mark Mangino's football team put up THE EXACT SAME amount of points that the basketball team did last year. It was just another day at the office for QB Todd Reesing and RB Brandon McAnderson. Reesing through for 354 yards and 6 TD passes. You read that correctly. 6 TD passes. McAnderson rushed for 119 yards and 4 TD's. Kansas is now 9-0.

What's more shocking is just how far the Nebraska program has fallen. Head Coach Bil Callahan will be fired by Sunday, mark my words. They were a national power for decades behind Tom Osborne, the power running game and the "Black Shirt" defense. Since Osborne retired, they have become a laughingstock, unable to even come close to competing for a BCS bowl game. Callahan tried to install the West Coast offense at a school who's signature was the option. Kids no longer go up thinking about Nebraska as a football powerhouse. Any high school kid now thinks Florida, Ohio State, LSU, USC, even Texas. NU isn't even on the radar screen.

Tommy Frazier, Tom Rathman, Trev Alberts, and Turner Gill are spinning in their graves and the men aren't even dead yet. Nebraska football has become irrelevant, and on your watch, Bill Callahan. Congratulations! As The Sporting News' Matt Hayes put it last week: "Plain and simple, Bill Callahan was a terrible hire. Now move on already."

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