Friday, November 9, 2007

Come On With This...

First they flirted with Juwan Howard. That was somewhat acceptible. Now they have moved on to another washed-up Fab Fiver, Chris Webber. In today's Akron Beacon-Journal, Brian Windhorst reported that while C-Webb claims he is only willing to play for his hometown Pistons, he is now open to playing for the Cavs if they so desired. This made the rounds in the internet by the afternoon. The lead rumor on their homepage was "Webber a Cav?" also reported it in their Truth and Rumor section.

Anyone who watched last year's NBA Playoffs knows that Webber is finished. He is nothing but a statue, a one dimensional standstill jumpshooter. Only the slow-as-molasses Zydrunas Illgauskas could make Webber look like he still has spring in his step. While the Cavs are in dire need of frontcourt help, C-Webb is not the answer. He isn't the rebounding and defensive presence the Cavs lust for. While he would be good for 8-10 points off the bench, his defensive liabilities out-weigh the positives.

I said this yesterday and I'm sticking to it, if there is a veteran out there that is a good fit right now, its Dale Davis. My spies tell me he'd be in the NBA right now if he was in shape, but he needs to get there before the Cavs drop one of their players for him. Either way, continuing to play Dwayne Jones as the first big man off the bench is not the way to contend, even in the weak East, especially the way the Celtics look.

Great night of hoops for me. KU's opener at 8 PM against Louisiana-Monroe, who returns its top seven scorers from their division winning club last year, plus the Cavs travel to Sacramento at 10:30 on ESPN. Over/under on how many quarters I see of that game is two and a half. I like the under.

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