Sunday, November 25, 2007

Second Half

9:10 Not a good sign when Rush is supposed to only play 20 minutes and he played 15 in the first half. Plus he has started the second half with Robinson on the bench. D Jack also starting the second half for Kaun.

9:14 Sasha gives us a patented retard offensive move that doesn't even hit rim. The backboard is bruised. Budinger draws a Rush foul on the other end. 44-40 Arizona. We need to wake up. This means you Mario Chalmers.

9:15 Man are these refs whistle happy. Arizona's four big men all have three fouls. Two of KU's guards have three fouls. 44-42 after Rod Stewart drains a pair of free throws.

9:17 Rod buries a jumper from the free throw line. We are tied at 44. He is playing with a ton of confidence. Arizona turnover. Hi-lo from Stewart to Kaun. 46-44. Timeout Arizona. I am being way to serious. My sister in law just sent me pictures of her dog. Should I look at them or not?

9:25 Robinson re-enters the game and shoots an airball. Lets hope the tendinitis isn't bothering him. Why are we struggling with this average team on our home floor? Have I mentioned how much I hate Miles Simon. I want to punch him in his bald fucking head.

9:29 Rush comes out of the game. We become a turnover machine. Three straight times. All of a sudden we can't score. My boy The Buatch calls me. Says he missed the first half because he "forgot the game was on." Vintage. I'm out of sync now.

9:32 AJ Feeley hits Greg Lewis for his second TD. Its 21-17 Eagles. No shit. My 8:52 is way off. Oh lord...Case is back in the game.

9:35 Steal by Stewart and a MONSTER THROW DOWN over Bayliss. He is jacked up. We are tied at 48.

9:36 Timeout Arizona. Jay Bilas makes the first mention of the 97 Arizona upset over KU. F You asshole! Do I really want to recall my alltime worst college basketball loss? I still cant believe Jacque Vaughn passed up that open three to dish to Ryan Robertson. What a puss. Not the way you want your career to end.

9:39 This bad lineup is yanked. Case almost gets picked by Bayless. Within one second, Self pulls him for Mario. If Case never played again it would be too soon. 51-50 Arizona. We are getting killed on the offensive glass.

9:42 Budinger for his fifth three of the game. He's got 22. 54-52 AZ. If you had the over on 8:52 on Brady you win. He just hit Jabar Gaffney for a TD. 24-21 Pats.

9:45 I just realize I will be missing a ton of great games this week with my weak sales conference and events going on. Can't wait for team building. Self calls a T.O. as we cannot get anything going offensively. Bilas says KU's inability to make outside shots is killing them. He is right. 56-5 Arizona. Shady just picked up his fourth foul with five left.

9:50 Mario basket and one on the drive, he falls to the floor and flexes his biceps. Weak. Mario, get up, shut up, and make your free throw. You are losing by a point at home to an unranked team and you have played like garbage most of the night. Act as if, dude. 58-56 under three minute TV timeout. Mario going to the line.

9:52 He missed. That's called karma.

9:55 Mario misses a wide open three with the score tied at 58 and 2:30 left. More karma. Then he commits a foul on the other end. Arizona in the one and one. Self pats down the rug. 60-58 2:15 left.

9:59 Shady misses a fadeaway after Budinger hits his. Under a minute left and KU is down two. Ron Franklin has called Jordan Hill "Lee" five times this half. KU has the rock with 35.7 left.

10:01 Ticky tack foul call on Nic Wise. Mario back to the line for two to tie the game. First one....Good....KU 11-16 tonight....Second one....Good....62-62. Shot clock off. Timeout Arizona. Franklin says "KU doesn't want to lose to Chase back to back nights."

10:05 The ball ends up in the hands of Brielmeier who misses a J. The ball ends up in the hands of Rush who shoots from half court...literally in and out. Unbelievable. OT. I love Jay Bilas. Dud is so negative tonight.

10:07 Stewart basket and one. KU up three. Budinger comes down and buries a three right in Rod's face. Tied at 68. Budinger has 27. The kid is sick. He also has a nose only actor Adrian Brody could love.

10:11 Wow, Budinger misses a front end. Shady sticks a put back on the other end. He;s got 20. KU up 69-65.

10:12 Breilmeier throws a bad pass, Rush steals it gets an uncontested jam! KU up 71-65. Timeout Wildcats. The crowd is electric. The wheels are coming off the wagon for the visitors.

10:14 Chalmers hit Rush for a sick backdoor alley oop! Nice to see some semblance of halfcourt offense by KU. Of course on the other end, Mario gets caught napping and Bayliss grabs a three point play. Its a three point game. Vintage Mario. Half the time he doesn't use his head. Reminds me of a young cousin Steve.

10:17 Budinger fouls out. Rush at the line for two. Splits the pair for his 1000th career point. 12.2 seconds left 74-70 KU with Robinson going to the line. Bilas rightfully says "Kansas has done nothing more tonight than survive." Robinson buries both. I agree with Bilas. 76-72 KU win. It was ugly, But we will take it. I guess that Brandon Rush 20 minute deal is out the window.

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