Monday, November 26, 2007

More Browns National Love and Other Musings

Again, I apologize for my tardiness today as I know Monday is a big day here at MTAC. I've had some opportunities to peep a little bit of the national love coming to the Browns. I wanted to make sure you were all kept abreast of the happenings. That is what we do here at MTAC, we keep you informed, while trying to make you laugh. Speaking of which, I was down at the game yesterday, and I've decided that other than Ohio State fans, there is no group that exemplifies the phrase "lowest common denominator" than Browns fans. Drunken buffoons everywhere yesterday. What am i talking about? Drunken buffoons every week. Just once I;d like to go to a game and not get beer spilled on me. Just once. Not likely though. That said, its so nice that they are actually putting a good product on the field for us to watch. Here are some national takes:

Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback -

Coach of the Week
Cleveland coach Romeo Crennel. Now he's got them playing defense. The ex-Patriot has the Browns 7-4 with five games left, and he has them playing better defense than we thought they were capable of, at least on Sunday against Houston. "RAC [his nickname] has been grinding us, working us hard, making sure we get better every week on defense,'' Willie McGinest said via cell phone Sunday. "The best thing he's done, on both sides of the ball, is get rid of the individuals on this team. Everyone here's a team guy now.''

The Fine Fifteen (page link)
9. Cleveland (7-4). Braylon Edwards has a combination of physicality and hands equal to any young receiver in football.

Ten Things I Think I Think (page link)
c. Jamal Lewis has more than a little bit left.

Week 12 Judgements - Clark Judge, CBS SPORTS

3. Oh, yeah, we better include Romeo Crennel in that (Coach of the Year) conversation, too. The guy could wind up 12-4. I'm serious.

Pete Prisco's Week 12 Grades - CBS SPORTS

Browns B-: Jamal Lewis had a good day running the ball and Derek Anderson was good again. The best thing for the Browns was that the defense had a good day. They had two big picks.

Browns Showing the Swagger of a Playoff Team - John Clayton, ESPN.COM

Make sure you read that entire article. Its great stuff for a Browns fan. Clayton says: But this was more than a one-man show. It was a statement game for the 7-4 Browns, the NFL's Cinderella team. Instead of looking like some lucky squad that fortune has shined on this season, the Browns had the look and feel of a playoff team, one that doesn't beat you with tricks but with physical play. You can see their swagger, their confidence.

Edwards Turns Blue Collar for Browns - Jason Cole, Yahoo Sports

Another good read. Cole says: After two years of physical and emotional frustration, Edwards is rising nearly as fast as Cleveland is turning itself into a contender.

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