Saturday, November 17, 2007

In Game Blogging

Jim Tressel flat out owns Lloyd Carr. I don't care that we are in the fourth quarter still in a 14-3 game. No shot they are coming back to win this game. Chad Henne is hurt and should not be out there. He is floating his passes. When Ryan Mallett was in at QB, at least he had some zip on his ball and was close to being on target. Not to mention the fact that WR's Adrian Arrington and Mario Manningham have dropped several passes right in their hands. The weather conditions haven't helped matters, but Ohio State has to play in those same conditions.

OSU RB Chris "Beanie" Wells is an absolute beast and a sure-fire NFL prospect. He has spent most pf the afternoon running over Michigan defenders with his size and speed to the tune of 172 yards to this point (he finished with 222 yards). The fact that Tressel has had him splitting carries with scrub dog Maurice Wells is baffling. Tressel, like Tribe manager Eric Wedge, is loyal to his veterans, sometimes to a fault. The best news for Buckeye fans today was when Mo Wells couldn't play due to injury. This forced Beanie Wells to become the feature back. It worked. He has been the difference maker today.

The OSU defense has been superb today as well. Michigan's passing game hasn't been able to get going all day long. Vernon Gholston is having the game of his life. Gholston should put this game tape together and show it to every NFL scout. He has been a terror all game long, with three sacks to this point. Even when he isn't sacking the QB, he is in the backfield. James Laurenitis gets all the press, but Gholston was the best player on the field today. Michigan has 91 yards of total offense as I type this.

Memo to Lloyd Carr, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Les Miles cannot wait to change the culture at Michigan and bring it back to the days of Bo.

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