Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We Have Arrived!

First it was our Godfather blog The Big Lead that found us (well, we found them) and linked us, and now your friends at MTAC have hit the big time. Our boy Sean in Chicago shot us an email with the news. Of course, of all days (i'm travelling for my real job, boooooo), today. Sports Illustrated's website stumbled across our ode to Jill Arrington and linked it in their discussion of the sexiest sideline reporters. While I'm sure it was Jill's perfect body and face that did it, I think it was our witty humor. I mean, who else remember that Willis Jackson had a crush on Jayne Kennedy? The column is called Extra Mustard and it's all about the crazy things you can find in sports blogs.

Of course it wasn't our October Tribe talk, my complaining about the injury bug hitting my KU Jayhawks, the ripping to shreds of the Browns awfully constructed defensive line, or our love/hate relationship with Larry Hughes; it took a conversation about hot chicks to get us some notice. As usual, sex sells. Whatever the case may be. We will take it.

Lets quickly talk some Cavaliers basketball. They have flown quietly under the MTAC radar over the last week for a few reasons:

1. The six game West Coast road trip - Who can stay up until 1:00AM to watch a meaningless regular season NBA game when you have an eight-month old who will be waking up up by 6?

2. College Basketball has started - Give us Syracuse/St. Joseph's on a Tuesday night over Rockets/Nets any day of the week. The NBA regular season is meaningless, although this Celtics story-line is pretty swisher. A certain Detroit radio host nicknamed Boston's Big Three "The PGA Tour." I think I dig that moniker.

3. A Lack of talent - It's kind of hard to get geeked up about an active roster that currently includes, Devin Brown, Shannon Brown, Ira Newble, Cedric Simmons, and Dwayne Jones.

But I digress. The Cavaliers deserve serious credit for going 3-3 on the West Coast trip with essentially a seven man rotation. Larry Hughes missed three of the game with an injury and the majority of a fourth after being ejected in Denver. Donyell Marshall also missed four games but looks finished when he is active. Sasha Pavlovic is clearly rusty. Newble and Devin Brown received major minutes on this trip. Cedric Simmons went Shannon Brown, aka the deer in headlights look. To come away with three wins should be viewed as a positive. Oh, did I mention Anderson Varajao is still holding out for reason that baffle the entire NBA?

Lebron deserves a ton of credit. His numbers are still right there, 26.6 PPG, 6.9 boards, and 7.1 Assists. He is an amazing talent. He is managing to do so with almost no help. Zydrunas Illgauskas has also stepped up big time, playing like an all star at over 15 and 12 a night. Boobie Gibson is doing his job, scoring over 11 per game and shooting a lights out 53% from deep. That folks is about it when it comes to consistency. To be 4-4 at this juncture with that schedule and lack of talent is a testament to Lebron's greatness.

Now if he only didn't wear that friggin Yankees hat at Jacobs Field during the playoffs. Man, was that weak.

Lastly, thanks to one of our loyal readers, Randy Rash in Scottsdale, for finding the Erin Andrews Sandwich photo.

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