Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cleveland Cable Rules!

Not that I particularily care, but today at noon EST, THE Ohio State University Buckeyes, otherwise known as the #1 team in the nation, take on the #23 ranked Wisconsin Badgers it hat should be an interesting tilt. Don't ask me, or the other three million homes in the great state of Ohio to tell you how the game was later, because we won't know, thanks to The Big Ten network and Time Warner cables big dispute. Time Warner refuses to pay the premium for the Big Ten Network to be on it's regular tier channels, however, they would put them as a part of their extra spors package, which nobody buys anyways. What a joke!

The good news is that Kansas/Nebraska is on at 12:30 so you should be able to see one of the best offenses in the country as well as the largest coach you will ever see, my guy Mark Mangino.

Oh, did I mention that tomorrow, the city of Cleveland WILL NOT get the Colts/Patriots game here? Why you ask? The NFL has a rule that states if a local team plays a home game that is televised, no other game can be on at the same time, even though it may be on a different channel. If I wasn't going to the Browns/Seattle game tomorrow, I'd really be pissed.

Oh, did I also mention that Time Warner cable for the second straight year DOES NOT carry the NFL Network either? That my friends, is what I like to call "the weak beav."

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