Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Quote of the Year

Long before he was somebody, we were reading Jason Whitlock's Kansas City Star columns back in the mid-90's when we were basking in the Lawrence sunshine. I always loved his candor and his writing style. While he is still at the Star, he has had some well documented quick runs at ESPN and AOL. He was all over the place during the Don Imus incident, ripping Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to shreds and being applauded for it. Now our boy is moonlighting at where he wrote a column today critical of Notre Dame coach Charlie "1-8" Weis.

In said column, came one of the greates quotes you will ever read. A quote we are dubbing "The MTAC Quote of the Year."

“Notre Dame is not the place to learn how to be a college head coach. It didn’t work for Gerry Faust or Bob Davie. It’s not working for Mr. Charlie. As fun as it might sound, you don’t want to lose your virginity to Jenna Jameson. You won’t last long. She’ll get bored and frustrated. And everyone who sees the tape will fall down laughing. Sounds like most Notre Dame games this year, doesn’t it?”

How good is that? Props to you Big J.

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