Friday, November 16, 2007

Charmin's New Spokesman

Larry Hughes makes $12 million a year. Isn't this a great country? For the um-teenth year in a a row, the Cavaliers Guard has sustained an injury that will sideline him for a month. This time it's a deep bone bruise according to the Associated Press. Seriously is there anyone softer? This guy is ROBBING the Cavaliers. They couldn't give him away if they tried and they are stuck with him for two more years after this one. It's time to say that this contract has to go down in NBA history amongst the alltime worst with Jon "Contract" Koncak's $13 million for 6 years deal in 1989 and Adonal Foyle's 6 year, $42 million deal that he is currently in the middle of. At least those two were big men. Hughes is a slasher who has average handles and can't shoot. Oh, and he makes the same money that Michael Redd does.

Like I said, what a country.

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