Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lets Go In-Game Blogging...I'm Bored Enough

With none of my boys coming home for thanksgiving, I wont be going out tonight. Not such a bad thing I guess. Its pouring here. We will try this one time and see how it works. A running Diary of the Kansas/Northern Arizona game with all of the craziness going on in my head the night before one of my favorite days of the year. So away we go.

8:01 in the announcers standup, we once again are graced by the annoying chicks behind the announce team. I wish I didn't know who they were, but I graduated with the eldest daughter of these millionaire KU alums. I will say this, the youngest daughter is beav.

8:04 Shady Arthur gets a sweet feed from Russell Robinson for the game's first deuce. That's what we like to see from the big fella.

8:07 Sasha Kaun has his second straight block. Who knew! Annoying play by play man Dave Armstrong says "lots of stuffing the night before Thanksgiving." Break out the cliche handbook.

8:11 Mario Chalmers basket and one. 9-0 KU at the under 16:00 time out. So far Northern Arizona looks about as good my 0-21 high school team my senior year. (yes, we went 0-21 and I was the 11th man. What does that say about my skills as a 5'7 Point Guard?)

8:15 Chalmers to the hole tries to throw an alley oop to Shady and it ends up going in. 11-0 Hawks. My guess is that I end up quitting this by early second half.

8:16 Brandon Rush and The Man Crush - Darnell Jackson enter the game. 12-0 Hawks. Northern Arizona brings in five new players, an au mauge to former KU coach Roy Williams.

8:19 NAU finally scores their first deuce at the 13:24 mark. Brandon Rush buries a three to answer. KU steal, Rush for three again. Yessah! That is the B Rush we know and love. Its so nice to have him back. NAU plays defense as well old people drive. 18-2 KU.

8:22 Under 12 timeout. 20-4 KU with the Man Crush going to the line. Texas A&M just took a 42-40 lead in the first NIT semi. Steve Lavin doing the color. Nobody has better hair. (SIDE NOTE: Lavin is great on TV and should never return to coaching).

8:27 Cole Aldrich and Darnell Jackson out, Arthur and Kaun in. Those look like the pairings in the frontcourt this season. I will live a long life as long as Kaun and Aldrich never see the floor together at the same time.

8:28 Kaun lays it in. 24-4 KU with nine left. Kaun loves playing against he mid-majors. Its the only time he ever looks good.

8:30 Shady with a serious throwdown. 26-4 under eight minute timeout. I see on the crawl that Georgetown is playing at Ball State, formerly coached by JT3's brother Ronnie. Ronnie is an absolute disgrace, he treated his players like crap and started a culture of reverse racism in his one year in Muncie; yet he decided to sue the school for his termination sighting discrimination. What a lying sack of shit.

8:34 Rod Stewart drives to the hole, count it and one. 29-4. Nothing better than Rodrick having a twin brother named Lodrick.

8:35 Armstrong just says "The Lumberjacks being cut down by the Jayhawks." Who does he think he is, Fred McLeod? Russ Robinson for three. 34-7. Did NAU really only lose at Arizona by only seven last week?

8:39 36-10 KU under four minute timeout. Tonight is looking like a night where we will get to see lots of scrub time with Conner Teahan, Brennan Bechard, Brad Witherspoon, and T.J. Buford. I just realized, the Cavs are on FSN right now. Do I want to hear Fred McLeod wax poetic with weak phrases like "he shuffled the shoes?" Nah. Although, with Campy "English is my second language" Russell filling in on the color, it could get interesting.

8:43 We have a Jeremy Case sighting! Bill Self must be feeling lucky tonight. Lets see how long it takes for Case to jack up a bad three.

8:45 Tyrel Reed, NBA three after a step back J. Five straight for the Freshman who is a bidding Mini-Hinrich.

8:48 Case predictably misses a three at the buzzer, but the damage is done. 44-10 at the half. I'll say it again, did NAU really only lose to Arizona by seven in Tucson?

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