Monday, November 12, 2007

I Love Phil Mushnick

There aren't many media columnists in this country who are as spot on or as good as the great Phil Mushnick from the New York post. Nobody loves ripping ESPN more than Phil. Nobody kills the New York announcers quite like our man Phil. Check out his latest blast. This time he takes aim on Knicks play by play man Gus "The slipper still fits!" Johnson:

Memo to lead Knicks radio play-by-play man Gus Johnson: At a time when Jim Dolan has created the clear impression that he prefers shills to honest broadcasters, hysterical hollering at the sight of Knicks baskets not only makes it unclear what you're hollering about, the only thing that becomes clear is that you're working to impress Dolan as opposed to describing a game to listeners. To think what great radio play-by-players used to be heard in New York.

This piece,
taking ESPN to task for the fall of Monday Night Football is a classic. Look at the start:

ALL our griping over what ESPN has become as op posed to what it could've been, you still have to admire its work. For example, just when you're convinced that it's impossible for "Monday Night Football" to get any worse, it does!

This past Monday's telecast opened to Tony Kornheiser's reading of a syrupy ode to the Pittsburgh Steelers as "the most celebrated of Super Bowl dynasties," an essay that should have instead been poured on a stack of pancakes.

His usual Monday column this week was titled
Sunday, a Day of Rest from ESPN and ABC. How classic is this guy? Props to you Phil for giving us something real to read each week. Oh yeah, and he thinks Joe Morgan is an overrated clown too!

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