Saturday, November 24, 2007

The East Still Blows

It is Friday November 23rd at 10:20 EST and I am looking at the NBA standings. I note to myself as I view the page on the web that the NBA Eastern Conference is still lame. It had all the makings of an improved group a month ago, but now, it is lame again. And hey, it only took three weeks into the season this time! 4, count em, 4 of the 15 teams in the East are above 500. In the West, you ask? Try doubling it to 8!!! It is obvious that Boston and its PGA Tour is for real. Pierce, Garnett, and Allen show no signs of let up and the Celtics have it working at 10-1. Their average margin of victory is over 14. Detroit is also very solid and has played through road trips, injuries, and baby births to sit atop the Central. Joe Dumars will always field a competitive team. Period. Orlando is 11-3 but they have as much depth as the roster on Real World San Francisco. Dwight Howard is "Puck" and that is about it. The rest of the teams are very average to below average, although Lebron is there and also New Jersey will make its usual run once Krstic and Marcus Williams and Vince get right. Teams like Atlanta and Miami and Chicago should be better but they are not. Three of the most overrated players reside there with Josh Smith, Shaq, and Ben Wallace. Put the 6-6 Houston Rockets in the East and they could win it. In the West right now they are 9th. What an old bit this has become. Posted by The Deez.

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