Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lets Go In-Game Blogging...again

Sick opening put together by ESPN. Showing some great shots of our fine University. I love KU Hoops in HD. Sorry Football fans, KU is and will always be a Basketball school. Well, we are back giving this another try tonight. It worked well last time out and it was a KU laugher. Ron Franklin and Jay Bilas on the call. Lets see how many times ole' Ronnie boy can mis sthe action and get players names wrong. My man isn't what he used to be, but still has the good pipes.

8:01 Ron Franklin just spoke of Arizona missing their head coach "Lou" Olson. Rod Stewart still in the starting lineup, Rush coming off the bench. Eagerly anticipating Sasha Kaun's foul trouble.

8:06 Darrell Arthur in the posts, bowls over Jordan Hill for a charge. We still haven't scored. 4-0 Arizona.

8:07 My first sighting of Arizona assistant coach Miles Simon. Also known as my most hated player in my college basketball life. Foul #2 on Jordan Hill as Shady scores.

8:09 Russell Robinson a sick crossover and dish to Sasha for the "thunder jam."

8:10 Brandon Rush enters the game. Within 30 seconds, Rush hits a three and a layup off a steal. Think he makes a difference? Timeout Arizona. Ron Franklin says "its a 9-0 run by the Wildcats." It was time to retire five years ago Ronnie. 9-4 KU.

8:12 Darnell Jackson buries his first jumper. I get my first partial of the evening. 11-4. Under 11 TV timeout.

8:15 Shady puts up a serious brick from just inside the three point arc. Luckily, AZ turns it right back over. Rod Stewart scores off a Rush airball. 15-7 Hawks. The BCS standings just flash on the bottom of the screen. Missouri is #1. I just threw up in my mouth. West Virginia is #2, followed by Ohio State and Georgia. The Bulldogs are the best team of that bunch.

8:19 Bill Self hi-lo action at its finest. D-Jack hits Shady for his signature jump hook. 20-9, under 11 TV timeout. Arizona has seven turnover already and looks weak. It could be our swarming D.

8:23 Our first Cole Aldrich sighting. A sideline shot of bitterman Kevin O'Neill on the Arizona sideline. He is a red-ass in a sweet suit.

8:25 Bret Breilmeier basket an one for Arizona. I see he is from Mankato, Minnesota. I go there once a year. It is one of the most miserable towns in America. I'd advise you to never go there unless its mandatory. Chase Budinger buries a three. 22-18.

8:27 Russ to Sasha for another jam. 24-18 TV timeout. My wife leaves the room to go look for thank you notes online for our eighth month old son. Women are from Mars.

8:28 It took a whole minute for the Patriots to score on a pick six from AJ Feeley. Like the Eagles have any shot tonight. At least Feeley is married to the extremely hot women's soccer player Heather Mitts.

8:34 Budinger for three again. 26-24, timeout KU. He's already got 12. Nobody in college has a sweeter stroke. Self's rug is sticking out of the back of his head for real.

8:36 O'Neill brings Kirk Walters back in the game.

8:36 Walters fouls Arthur on a jumper. 28-24. So much for the goofy White guy.

8:36 Walters sits back on the bench. Budinger hits another three. 28-27. I smell trouble. We can't guard him. My lips are so chapped from today's Browns game and my chap stick has conveniently dissapered.

8:37 31-29 TV timeout. Brian Westbrook scores on a 1 yard TD run. Pats and Eagles tied at 7. How long until Brady throws a TD pass? I'll give it a guess on the time: 8:52. Lets see if i'm right.

8:45 Shady spilts another pair. KU now 4-8 from the line. 33-31. This bad free throw shooting is such a tired bit. Three Arizona big men have three fouls, yet we aren't taking advantage at the line. Two Jerryd Bayliss free throws and we are tied at 33. We are sleepwalking.

8:47 Major guard foul trouble for KU. Robinson just picked up his third. Stewart has two and is on the floor. Now Rush has to play more minutes than the doctors would like (already at 10). Lets see what Tyrel reed can do. 35-35. under 2:30 left.

8:50 B Rush for three. He's got 10. The crowd comes alive. 40-35. On the other end, Stewart picks up his third foul. Self has to go to...gasp....JEREMY CASE. Right now, our backcourt is Reed and Case. Man do we miss Sherron Collins.

8:54 D Jack swats Bayliss at the buzzer, but Jawaan McClellan buried a three the previous possession. We are tied at 40 at the half.

What I don't like is that KU shot over 50% from the field and are tied. I was also way off on the Brady TD pass call.

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