Sunday, November 11, 2007

Angry Rantings from My Brother

Now I need a night to sit with my thoughts. This was a classic Cleveland loss. A turnover and a score. Loss of momentum. Loss of the lead. Recovery of the lead. Botched coaching. Botched time management. Loss of the game. I will leave you this evening with the thoughts from my brother, an old school Browns fan who jumped ship when the team left in 1995. He refused to come back, but he does twice a year, Steeler Week. He watched the whole game today and emailed me the following:

Romeo Crennel is an embarrassment... total joke. burning two timeouts for a play that wasn't even close? that was a total gift. give big Ben credit he won the game for you. Willie Parker is an average back... Holmes isn't any good. the defense is still very good and well coached, unlike the browns who are clueless. you guys draft Polamalu, we draft Kamerion Wimbley.. who never had his name called all day. thats the real story. thanks to your pathetic turf and field, we got those 2 breaks with Cribbs and Braylon.. the divot marks helped.. so thanks for that. but Doug (our friend from Pittsburgh) is right, we are who they thought we were.. another season and another 0-2 for Fred Sanford against the Steelers. he really is puke as a coach. they made adjustments at the half, we made NONE. no play action, no rollouts... how about putting Cribbs on the field as a decoy? stills will win this mickey mouse division but if they play any team in the playoffs with quick rush ends-- they are done. i gave it a try today boys.. but now i go back to my Sundays per normal...

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