Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why the System is a Joke

You know why College Football is hard for me to get into sometimes? Because this is a sport where the champion isn't decided on the field. There have been so many examples of this over the past 15-20 years; I was hoping this year would be the year that the BCS system would be exposed. That is going to happen, but it still won't change anything.

Yesterday was another one of those days. Oklahoma, the #4 team in the BCS, was
upset by Texas Tech 34-27. Oklahoma has essentially been eliminated from national championship consideration with this loss, their second of the season. Oklahoma is clearly the superior team here, but injuries sometimes can be the great equalizer. In the first quarter of lats night's game, OU starting QB Sam Bradford, the nation's leader in passing efficiency, was knocked out of the game with an apparent concussion making a tackle on a fumble. Backup Joel Halzle replaced him. Halzle didn't have command of the offense on the road in a hostile environment against a team who puts up big offense numbers, but has a suspect defense.

It was a 34-7 game early in the second half before OU made it close with two late fourth quarter TD's. Bradford will most likely be well enough to play next week in Oklahoma's finale against Oklahoma State. So essentially because their starting QB was knocked out with a concussion in the first quarter, their shot at a championship is over. How is that fair? Say OU wins next week and then wins the Big 12 title game, which is a scenario that could certainly happen, they will represent the Big 12 in a BCS bowl game.

If there was a playoff, OU would still be alive and at full strength with a shot at a National Title. So now West Virginia is in good position all of a sudden with one loss, thanks to their weak conference schedule. Ohio State could also vault themselves into a title shot as well with just one loss. Kansas and LSU are the only teams that control their own destiny to get to New Orleans. One Loss Arizona State is still in the mix, as is Missouri if they win out. But because their star QB gets knocked out in the first quarter, their season is essentially over.

Nice system.

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