Friday, November 16, 2007

Is There Anything He Can't Do?

Lebron James is amazing. Take away his first game where he had one of his worst outings of his career, and he is the early season MVP. He is doing it all with almost no help. Tonight was no different. Armed with the knowledge that he would be without Larry Hughes for a month, Lebron flat out willed the Cavs to a 99-94 at the Q. He is a triple-double machine, missing his third of the season by just one assist. Check out this line: 40 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists, and 13-15 from the line.

Sasha Pavlovic started in place of Hughes and had his best game since coming back fron his holdout, nailing 6-9 shots for 12 points. Z had another solid game with 17 and 12, but that is about it. Boobie Gibson was a poor 1-9, and the Cavs three man bench of Devin Brown, Damon Jones, and Ira Newble combined for just 13. According to the Akron Beacon-Journal's Brian Windhorst, Newble did do a nice job of shutting down Jazz PF Paul Millsap and Andre Kirilenko, but nobody could stop Carlos Boozer, who dominated the the post with 26 and 11. Luckily for the Cavs, all star Guard Deron Williams shot just 4-17.

But tonight was all about Lebron. He scored 34 in the second half, including four straight free throws in the final 3.8 seconds. But the play of the game was his block of Boozer with 12.8 seconds to play and the Cavs up two. "He was wide open," James said of Boozer. "He didn't see me coming from the weak side and I was able to strip the ball."

Said Deron Williams about Lebron: "He took over. He's one of those special players, who once he gets going, you can't stop him." Indeed, Deron. Indeed. It's nice to have that playe on our side for once.

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