Saturday, November 24, 2007

Oh My Lord....

By midnight tonight, my alma mater could be the #1 team in the country IN FOOTBALL. I can hardly believe it myself, but it all right there for the taking. The Kansas Jayhawks control their own destiny. The LSU Tigers, seen as the mightiest team in the country, couldn't take care of ole' Pig Sooeee in Baton Rouge and the 'Hawks are on the cusp of something nobody in this country could have ever thought fathomable, a #1 ranking in Football. And on December 1st no less.

Darren McFadden, the fabulous Arkansas tailback and Heisman candidate, did everything in dominating LSU. He rushed for 206 yards and three TD's, plus he threw another. As good a LSU has been this year, that SEC gauntlet may have finally caught up to them as their defense looked gassed in the second half. Arkansas ran for a sickening 385 yards. The Tigers have lived dangerously for weeks, winning every close game, but they couldn't do it one more time. Now the national title picture has opened up to two teams in particular that in my opinion aren't deserving of a title shot.

Ohio State - One loss to Illinois. A pathetic pre-conference schedule that included Youngstown State, Akron, and a bad Washington team. A pathetic Big Ten conference this year that had no real contenders other than the Buckeyes. Trust us, the OSU wants no part of the National Title game against a spread offense team like Missouri, Kansas, or West Virginia.

West Virginia - Steve Slaton and Pat White are tremendous athletes with sick speed. That said, they lost to South Florida. How can they be taken seriously? When your best two wins are over Mississippi State and Cincinnati, you cannot be in position to win a national championship.

At least if Missouri wins out, they will have wins over two top 10 teams (Kansas, Oklahoma). The same can be said for KU if they win out. You want to know who would deserve a title shot if they win out? Georgia. Unfortunately for the Dawgs, they need Kentucky to beat Tennessee Saturday to get a shot at the SEC title game. If they got that shot and beat both Georgia Tech and LSU in the next two games, how can you tell me that they don't deserve it over OSU or West Virginia?

Please, someone, give me a playoff already.

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Jefko said...

Here is why OSU should not worry about any team from the Little 12:

Kansas 11-0 has beaten such stalwarts as Central Michigan, SE Louisiana, Toledo, and Florida International. They have had close games against Kansas St (OK it is their main rival, we'll excuse it) Colorado, and Texas A&M. The Little 12 teams they have beaten have a combined record of 35-47. Their strength of schedule is the 101st of 120 I-A teams. For comparison purposes, Ohio State's is 53rd.

Missouri (47th) has a tougher schedule than OSU, but not by much. They score a lot but they give up 23 points a game. They gave up 34 points to Illinois which has the worst passer in the Big Ten, 24 points to Western Michigan, 28 points to Iowa State and 32 points to Kansas St. Their closest game was at Illinois, which has a ball control running offense that ate up the clock and kept the spread of Missouri off the field. I think OSU would love to run Beanie Wells 40 times against them.

I do not agree with your comments about WVU. South Florida has 3 losses but they had the 22nd toughest schedule and beat #17 Auburn besides #5 WVU.

Georgia may have a good team with a tough schedule, but they have 2 losses. So, whether they beat LSU or not, if you want to include 2 loss teams, you might want to consider USC, Virginia Tech and even Oregon as more worthy.

However, WVU will provide a good game for OSU as Kansas loses to Missouri today and Missouri loses to Oklahoma next week. See you in N'Orlans! Go Bucks!