Friday, November 2, 2007

Zumaya's Freak Injury (Again) and White Trash NBA-ers

In case you hadn't heard, Flame-throwing "Savior" of the Detroit Tigers 2007 season (ha ha) Joel Zumaya has been lost for "at least half" of the 2008 campaign, thanks to a second non-baseball injury. You remember 2006 don't you? Zumaya missed three games of the ALCS because of inflammation in his throwing wrist and forearm due to his excessive playing of the video game Guitar Hero. Then in 2007, he missed three months after suffering torn tendon in his middle finger warming up in the bullpen. Without him, that Tiger pen looked about as good as Rosie O'Donnell in a bikini.

Now they will have to do without him again. See The Savior was moving "world series memorabilia" from the attic in his parents San Diego area home and a box fell right on top of his pitching shoulder. According to the
Detroit Free Press article, The Savior "felt a pop." With shaky closer Todd Jones a free agent and now Zumaya out after shoulder surgery, all of those bats the Tigers have won't amount to anything with such stallwarts as Chad Durbin, Zack Minor, and Bobby Seay as the best guys Manager Jim Leyland has. "You think he'll be back, but I can't 100 percent count on that," Tigers president and general manager Dave Dombrowski said Thursday. "We can't count on that contribution this year. We have to plan our staff without him being there."

Interestingly enough, the injury happened Sunday, but the Tigers didn't know about it until days afterwards. "At first, he didn't think it was that bad," Dombrowski added. "But the pain became more and more and that's when Mr. Zumaya said, 'We have to call the Tigers.'" Is it just me, or does something not smell right? Its not like the guy doesn't have a track record. I mean, he did injure himself playing "Guitar Hero." I never wish injury on anyone, because that's just wrong, but I am a Tribe fan first and foremost and this is a HUGE break for the Tribe as this severely hurts their top division rival. That and I think Zumaya is a pompous headcase.

Did I say that out loud?

Make sure you all check out the amazingly funny link below. The geniuses at The Realests came up with the All-NBA White Trash team complete with photos. We found this first via dedicated reader and future columnist, the great Mark P, but it also popped on this morning's round up on the best blog in the business
The Big Lead. Props to the Realests as well for their solid template. Look familiar?

The All-White Trash Team

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