Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where is She Now???

Playboy Magazine has resurrected their America's Sexiest Sportscaster contest. Everyone jocks the great Erin Andrews and rightfully so. The photo of her biting into a sandwich is so legendary, that it has been magically erased from the internet (seriously, everywhere I knew it was, it has been X'd out). ESPN's Colleen Dominguez is highly underrated. I'm a huge fan of hers. My personal favorite is how Shaq granted her a one on one interview during one of the many flare-ups with Kobe. Gee, I wonder why he picked her? Why not say, Jeremy Schaap? Probably because he doesn't want to see him naked. I've never heard of Lindsay Soto, but the photo they have of her shows promise.

In the pantheon of female TV sports reporters, there is nobody better than the one and only
Jill Arrington. CBS knew what they were doing when they hired her. Her sideline reporting was completely immaterial. Even the coaches she would interview running off the field would seem flustered just at the sight of her. She was, and probably still is, a 10. What a combination of body and face she was. But where is she now? Does anyone know? She seemed to disappear from the CBS College Football landscape after the 2004 season. Never to be seen again?If anyone knows her whereabouts, shoot us an email and we'll post it.

In the meantime, that got us thinking. If Arrington is on the Mount Rushmore of female TV Sports reporters, who else belongs there? It's time once again for the list technique:

Jayne Kennedy - One of my first crushes. You know who else had a crush on her? Willis Jackson on Different Strokes. A former Miss Ohio, she took over for the hideous Phyllis George on the old CBS NFL Today with Brent Musburger in 1978. Her stint was short lived after a sex tape scandal essentially ruined her TV career. Ah, but those legs and that beautful face....

Melissa Stark- Was there anyone cuter than Melissa? She did three years of Monday Night Football sideline reporting where her work was so bad, not even her perfect face could keep the job for her. Wanna know why she doesn't need to work anymore? She is the daughter of a world renowned eye surgeon and her husband works at Goldman-Sachs. I guess she wins.

Erin Andrews - The current flavor of the month, but she's like chocolate, who doesn't like it? A former U of Florida cheerleader (trust us, they don't take anyone who isn't a 10) who at 28 is the star of her profession. All you need to know about her is that West Virginia QB Pat White was asked about getting interviewed by her after a game and said "When she came up to me, I almost fainted." True story.

Suzy Kolber - OK. There are hotter ones than Suzy out there. But how many sideline reporters were a part of one of the greatest moments in sports TV history AND have a blog named in their honor? When Broadway Joe says to you in front of millions "I wanna kiss you," you've clinched the hall of fame.

Almost making the cut: Bonnie Bernstein, Jillian Barberie (not really a sportscaster, but she counts because she was on FOX NFL Sunday and I used to love her), and Leeann Tweeden.

And for your viewing pleasure, because I know you want to see it; Joe and Suzy in their finest hour:

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