Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Second Half Action During a Blowout...Its Comedy Hour

44-10 at the half. Nobody has more than eight points (D-Jack), but lots of balance (Arthur 7, Rush 6, Chalmers, Stewart, Reed with 5). KU is a lock to get alltime win #600 at Allen Fieldhouse.

9:04 Rod Stewart for three. He has already equalled last year's point total. Another layup by Rod gives him 10 for the game. Its 51-12.

9:05 Sasha fouled going to the hole. He is still mildly retarded with the ball in his hands. Bet you can't guess what he did with his first free throw? Brick.

9:06 Shady with a sick fadeway J, on the other end, Sasha with a serious facial followed by a basket and one layup. What is this world coming to? Oh yeah, back to normal, he bricked his chance for a three point play, then committed a stupid foul on the other end. 56-15.

9:10 Sweet backdoor dish from Mario to Russ. 60-19. KU now shooting 69% from the field. This is too easy. Meanwhile, Texas A&M has turned it on and now ahead of Washington 75-63 with less than a minute remaining. Big 12 baby! Looking forward to that Cuse/Ohio State tilt coming up next. Panning the crowd, it's all Orange. Looks like a road game for the Buckeyes.

9:13 Sean Pearson is shown behind the KU bench with his young son. Sean was there when I was. Man, was his game lame. Someone once asked me about his game and I said " he'll be cutting hair in five years." The guy who asked me, his father was a barber. No joke.

9:17 Aldrich lay-in. 62-24 at the under 12 timeout. I'll say this about Cole, he is very fundamentally sound and doesn't make dumb mistakes. I wish I could say the same for Sasha, and he has been in the program now four years.

9:20 D-Jack offensive board and put back followed by the three time chest pound. My guy is a beast this year. He leads the team with Stewart with 10 points each. Timeout NAU.

9:21 My favorite ESPNU commercial for the 10th time tonight. The guy at the DMV trying to get a vanity license plate in Nebraska: "Husk? Husker fan? Brasky? Brasky Pants, Bransky Mannnn. How about Nebrask?"

9:23 D-Jack for three!!!! The first of his career from the corner. The first one his has ever taken as well. Showing the full arsenal. That's my dawg. 69-25.

9:28 Shady a man-sized offensive board and putback. 71-33. Jeremy Case back on the floor with just over seven left. Dave Armstong and Paul Splittorf in full filler-mode on the call.

9:31 Case bricks another three attempt with Shady tips in. He is now 7-9 for 15 points and five boards. Case may be the most worthless scholarship player in Lawrence since all-airport team members Jelani Janisse and Ashante Johnson. They look great in the terminal, awful on the floor. Oh yeah, its 75-36.

9:33 With 5:02 left, Self goes to Matt Klienmann and Conner Teahan. Armstrong tells us Klienmann's grandmother is in the crowd seeing him play for the first time. With that information, I can now die in peace.

9:34 Teahan buries a three. His third straight over the last two games. 78-36 at the under three minute timeout. I flip over to the Cavs/T'Wolves game. The Cavs are up by nine and the T'Wolves have Mark Madsen on the floor. He is being guarded by the Cavs Dwayne Jones. Now I remember why the NBA is such a joke.

9:37 Aldrich bricks a pair at the line. His form is hideous. I think we may have found a worse free throw shooter than Sasha. Lane violation. One more try. One more brick.

9:39 Tyrel Reed for another three. I was thinking, he is the only white Tyrel I've ever heard of. 81-39. Chase Buford and Brennan Bechard enter the game. Jeremy Case must love being on the floor with this lineup. This is why he stayed five years.

9:41 Teahan buries another three. This kid is not your average walk-on. And I'm not joking here. That's four in a row. 84-40 less than two to play.

9:42 Teahan for three again. 3-3, 5-5 in the last two games. Holy shit. This kid is legit. This is the best walkon shooting display since Terry Nooner against Colorado in 97.

9:44 It took long enough, but I finally here the Rock Chalk chant. Game Over. Self shakes hands with the NAU coach and the rug is sticking out in the back. He needs to do his patented "pat-down" technique. The final from Lawrence, KU 87 NAU 46.

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