Monday, January 28, 2008

Coast to Tyus Edney against Mizzou

I was at the Cavs/Suns game this weekend with two other couples and the discussion of the MTAC top babes list was a hot topic. The women seemed to take issue with Lindsay Lohan being #1, the men claimed my list had no rhyme or reason to it; that I was all over the board with my tastes. While they all thought I was nuts for my love of Kathrine McPhee, they were all in agreement with Rachel Bilson. I also can admit that leaving Jessica Simpson off the list is a giant faux pas. I also need to mention that I picked up my friend's wife to meet him at the game. We got all the way to the game, about to pull into the parking lot, and she had left the tickets at home.

This Kwame Kilpatrick story just keeps getting better. The Detroit ABC affiliate's attack dog Steve Wilson uncovered that while the mayor is getting raked over the coals for lying about his affair with his chief of staff Christine Beatty, he was seen
at a North Carolina spa with another woman, not his wife. Memo to Detroiters, you elected this moron not once, but twice!

Barack Obama took the South Carolina primary in shocking fashion, more than doubling Hillary Clinton's votes.
This was a huge step for Obama, and a shot to Clinton as they move towards Super Tuesday. We were watching Meet the Press yesterday morning. They had a round table discussion on the primary and everyone seemed to be in agreement that Bill Clinton had a big hand in Hillary's trouncing in South Carolina from some of the things he said about Obama.

Byron York, a White House Correspondent had this interesting take: You know, I don't think you can overstate the amount of, of anger in--created in Democrats by Bill Clinton's tactics. I mean, they were very, very unhappy with him. I was talking to a Democratic strategist the other day who said, "My wife just got in the car. She's driving to South Carolina to volunteer for Obama." They were that angry at what Clinton had done. And he also said, you know, Clinton is trying to turn him into Jesse Jackson. And sure enough, after Obama wins big, what does Bill Clinton say about it? "Well, you know, Jesse Jackson won here, too." But you know, she--Hillary Clinton was kind of reduced to her core constituency in South Carolina. She had problems with everybody except for white women. Eighty percent of black women voted against her, 80 percent of black men voted against her, and 72 percent of white men voted against her. I mean, she was down to a very small constituency.

Ever heard the expression Summer Teeth? Summer teeth go this way, summer teeth go that way.
Anna Paquin seems to fit the bill.

One of the best fake commercials of alltime - Schmidt's Gay Beer. It's Farley and Sandler at their finest.

Since there was absolutely nothing on, I ended up catching some of Varsity Blues on TBS. Great flick. I did manage to catch
Ali Larter in her whip cream bikini. Yessah.

The SAG Awards went down last night. Mad props to the voters for recognizing The Sopranos in its last year.
It won for outstanding ensemble series in a drama while James Gandolfini and Edie Falco won for their lead roles as well. Perhaps the greatest scene in the show's great history: Christopher's Intervention.

For those of you who love Scott Van Pelt the way we do,
peep this exchange between SVP and John Buccigross. It's hysterical.

Tribe fans love this action: USA Today's Mel Antonen released his AL Central power rankings and
the Indians were first.

#22 Xavier 77 Massachusetts 65 - As you know, we are big believers in the Musketeers. This win against a talented UMass team on the road put Xavier at the top of the jumbled A-10 at 5-1. Encouraging was the fact that they hit just 4-22 from deep, yet won it on the defensive end by holding the Minutemen to 37% shooting. 5'7 Drew Lavender led Xavier with 19 points and grabbed nine rebounds.

#3 Duke 93 Maryland 84 - Giving up 51 points and trailing by nine at the half was a concern for the Devils, but they came out swinging the second half and outscored the Terps 51-33. They have Demarcus Nelson and Gerald Henderson to thank for this big road win. Nelson has stepped up his game big time in his Senior year. He had 27 to go along with Henderson's 23. The problem for the Devils still remains - the low post. Maryland dominated in the paint. Bambale Osby got whatever he wanted with 20 and 15 boards, while James Gist scored 26.

#10 Michigan State 77 Michigan 62 - The Spartans shot 58% from the field and held Michigan to 35%. Add in the giant talent gap between the two teams and it was a recipe for a beat down. Drew Neitzel and Kalen Lucas scored 18 apiece. I guess Mike Hart's "big brother" statement applies to basketball, just in reverse.

Florida 86 #13 Vanderbilt 64 - Time for the young Gators to get some national love in the polls. They are now 18-3 after this pasting of the Commodores. All five starters were in double figures, led by Walter Hodge's 19. Nick Calathas has to be the most under hyped great Freshman in the country. He scored 15 points and dished out 10 assists and he isn't a point guard. Vandy in the meantime is this close to getting the Fraud Siren dropped on them. They have lost three of four.

Miami 75 #23 Clemson 72 - I like Clemson. I really do. But you cannot lost to Miami, at home or on the road when they shoot 33%. They also lost Trevor Booker to injury six minutes into the game. He is a big part of what they do.

Syracuse 71 Providence 64 - Jim Boeheim's boys needed this win after the heartbreaking loss to Georgetown. Playing just six guys yet again, the Orange gutted one out, in large part due to Donte Greene's 24 points. A big problem that Boeheim needs to curb is Greene's new found love for taking three's. Yesterday, he shot a ridiculous 13 of them. FYI - He is a power forward.

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